20 - 30 minutes

20 - 30 minutes

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20 - 30 minutes
  • Hannah - HIIT With Hannah - Day 7

    Celebrate your strength and stamina with Hannah. Grab your sneakers and get moving!

  • Hannah - HIIT With Hannah: Day 5

    Hannah brings in unique moves and timing to make the most of this 25 minute workout!

  • Hannah: HIIT With Hannah w/ Weights - Day 3

    Hannah keeps bringing in new challenge. In this edition of HIIT with Hannah you'll incorporate dumbbells. But this entire workout can be done without equipment as well.

  • Hannah: HIIT With Hannah - Day 1

    Hannah takes you through a week long HIIT program that will introduce new moves, increase your burn, and give you favorite videos you can save and return to over and over again.

  • Hannah: HIIT With Hannah - Day 4

    Big range, lateral motion, and Hannah's signature HIIT programming. This class will not only increase your burn but stimulate muscles that help balance and stabilize your body in motion.

  • Hannah: HIIT With Hannah - Day 2

    Hannah makes a quick workout crazy fun and ultra sweaty. Go get it!

  • Hannah - HIIT With Hannah - Day 6

    Quick, powerful, effective. Keep moving and keep breathing. This 20 minute workout with Hannah will be over before you know it!

  • Julia Marie : Total Body Workout With Weights

    This workout will sculpt your booty and tone your arms with combination exercises that target both the lower body and the upper body at the same time, for an effective and efficient workout. You'll get a lot done packed into a time-effective class. Grab a set of light and heavy weights, and get s...

  • Evelyn At Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Core

    Flowing in a small space or apartment? Don't worry, Evelyn has got you covered. This core class may keep you within the corners of your mat, but goes big when it comes to build a core that prevents low back pain, and helps you optimize all of your movement practices.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Back

    Flowing in a small space or apartment? Perhaps you also have been working from home at a computer. Evelyn is here to help you undo your desk and all of those video calls with a class targeting the back. Strong and fluid back body can prevent pain, build better posture, and help you feel more con...

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Hamstrings

    Flowing in a small room or apartment? That doesnt' mean your practice has to suffer. Evelyn has got you covered with a creative class that targets your hamstrings. And if you've been feeling unflexible, tight, or just plain uncomfortable in your backside, this class is a must-do for you.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Hips

    Flowing in a small room or apartment and wondering how to get a full physical experience without a lot of space? Evelyn has got you covered. This class focuses on happy, healthy, and strong hips. Feel more solid, grounded and powerful in your lower body, and notice how that feeling can sink deepe...

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Shoulders

    Flowing in a small space or apartment? Evelyn welcomes you into her home to show you how to navigate small spaces. And, in this class you will target the ever important aspect of a healthy flow, strong, stable shoulders. This go-to class for anyone who has experienced shoulder pain during flow c...

  • Jess Spence: Banded Body - Booty Blast!

    Glute-targeted single banded workout with Jess

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Back Body

    Use a mini band and get ready to work your back in this workout targeting the muscles in your back body

  • Jess : Banded Blast - Full Body

    Using only mini bands, Jess tackles your abs, legs, and arms in one short and sweaty workout

  • Jess: Banded Blast: Hips & Thighs

    This workout is best with a band, but can totally be done without a band. And as Jess says, "It's spicy!" Get your legs ready!

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Sculpted Shoulders

    Grab a mini band for this short, spicy, shoulder workout. You will learn about how to find better stability for your shoulders. Sculpted shoulders are something people ask a lot about, but having strong shoulders is so much more than feeling confident in tank tops. A stable shoulder girdle also ...

  • Julia Marie: Total Core Workout

    No equipment necessary for this workout. Target deep core, abs, obliques, and even your back body and shoulders in this workout that reminds you that core-work is much more than just crunches!

  • Alex : Get Flowing - Intro to Vinyasa

    Start your yoga journey with this beginner's flow with Alex. She will introduce the basics of moving through common yoga poses.

  • Julia Marie : Get Fit - Lower Body Burnout

    Build strong legs and hips in a class that will ensure you feel the burn! Hand weights and resistance bands are welcome but not required.

  • Molly : Flow & Restore - UnFrazzle Your Mind

    Reclaim your day with a focused flow & restore with Molly. Feel the benefits of moving meditation with a transition-focused flow that harness brain-body connection, followed by restorative poses that soothe the nervous system.

  • Molly: Flow & Restore - Heart Opening

    Boost your mood, strengthen and lengthen your spine in flow, then settle in to restorative postures focusing on the heart line. This class will leave you feeling calm, happy, and centered.

  • Julia Marie : Flow Intervals - Core & HIIT

    This quick workout will tone your midsection incorporate some of your favorite yoga poses and leave feeling stronger than when you started. No equipment required.