20 - 40 Mins

20 - 40 Mins

3 Seasons

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20 - 40 Mins
  • Julia : Intermediate Transition Flow

    Episode 1

    This intermediate practice incorporates flowing balancing transitions that challenge core stability, focus, and cultivates body awareness.

  • Evelyn : Shoulder Love - Stability Flow

    Episode 2

    Flow with Evelyn and build strong shoulders. You'll be introduced to release techniques, dynamic stretch, and strengthening poses to build stronger more stable shoulders.

  • Julia: Around The World Energy Flow

    Episode 3

    Go BIG with your energy and fill up a room with your breath, your vibration, and your focus. Work all corners of the mat with a flow that works with repetition and building intensity.

    This sequence features poses that encourage both dynamic and static balance, challenge mobility and demands foc...

  • Suzie: Radiate Your Power - Power Center!

    Episode 4

    This power center flow tunes in to your hub for strong and stable movement, and a confident, energized attitude.
    You'll move big muscles and stabilize your lumbar. You'll flow breath to movement and remind yourself once again that breathing muscles are in fact core muscles!
    Whenever it gets toug...

  • FamilyFlow: Kids Yoga - Meet Your Feet

    Episode 5

    Take a movement break that gets you out of your head and into your feet as Adrienne's takes kids and their caregivers through a feet-focused FamilyFlow.

  • FamilyFlow: Jungle Adventure Flow

    Episode 6

    Did you miss your usual summer vacation this year? That's no problem, because when you get on your yoga mat you can go anywhere! Join Adrienne and visit the jungle.

  • FamilyFlow : Pre Teen & Teen - Gratitude

    Episode 7

    Learn about how gratitude can change your attitude and then flow with Adrienne to move your body and feel positive and strong!

  • Low Slow Flow for Deep Hips with Julia

    Episode 8

    Stay low to the ground and balance your hip mobility and stability with this intermediate flow. Knee pads can be helpful for anyone with tender knees.

  • Julia Marie: Flow for a Strong Back & Open Front

    Episode 9

    This intermediate flow offers focuses on turning on posture and stability muscles while opening up spaces in the body where we often feel tense, tight, or disengaged. This flow provides opportunity to build strengthen from ankle to hip, and demands control and focus with dynamic balancing transit...

  • More Sukha Please! Flow & Reset with Julia

    Episode 10

    Find the ease in every flow, pose, and breath in this easygoing flow for a softer focus, physical mobility, and mental relief.

    Begin in a standing flow to warm your spine and give your shoulders a break with this hands-free class. A block may be helpful for support.

  • Gentle Yoga, Mantra & Meditation with Julia Marie

    Episode 11

    This is a great class for anyone looking for an ultra chill movement pratice that is easy on the wrist, knees, and shoulders, as well as for anyone who brand new to mind-body practices. Move through a gentle yoga practice that incorporates gentle mobility exercises, breathwork, and artful repetit...

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 9: Julia Marie

    Episode 12

    This Power Class begins will move you vigorous Sun Saluates followed by base-line postures linked breath-to-movement.

  • Julia Marie: Flow + Weights - Full Body Foundations

    Episode 13

    This fitness class features a fun-flow with stops along the way to rep-it-out with handweights.

    You will build a big burn targeting your booty & back.

  • Julia: Motivational Free-Flow

    Episode 14

    This 30 Minute class focuses on a building flow that stops to soak in the challenge in select arm balances. There will be a lot of down dogs, flip dogs, and different ways to transition from the ground to standing.

    Your mind and body will stay strong, focused, and motivated to keep the flow goi...

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Twists & Folds

    Episode 15

    Day 10! You're in the home stretch! Twist and fold your way through today's practice. No props required but you can always use a block if you need it.

  • Alex: Prenatal Leg Sculpt

    Episode 16

  • Deep Release: MFR for head & neck with evelyn

    Episode 17

    Relieve tension due to headaches and release tight spots at the back of the neck.

  • Deep Release: MFR for hands & wrists with Evelyn

    Episode 18

    Helps relieve carpal tunnel issues and prepare for weight bearing poses.

  • Educators rising national conference with julie

    Episode 19

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Am & PM Flows

    Episode 20

    Woop! Woop! Almost there! Here at Practice Everywhere we believe that you should take your practice with you everywhere. Adrienne will give you some tips and tricks on how to take your practice from morning to night.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Spine Strengthener

    Episode 21

    Happy Day 9! Today you will be introduced to movements that strengthen your spine while continuing to build on what you have already learned. Get ready to move!

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Hip-Focused Flow

    Episode 22

    You've made it over the hump! Welcome to Day 8 which is a hip flow with Adrienne. Today you will be introduced to a new poses (or asanas) designed to open your hips while building on what you've already learned.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Core & Confidence

    Episode 23

    Feel the vitality of your practice in Day 5 of this 14 day challenge. Engaging your core is an integral part of yoga movement. You and Adrienne will build on what you have already learned while introducing a core focus to your practice. Let's breathe, move, and get strong together!

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Standing Balance

    Episode 24

    Half way done! Find your balance with Adrienne as you continue to build on your yoga knowledge. Get ready to wiggle, wobble, and fail fabulously