20 - 40 Mins

20 - 40 Mins

3 Seasons

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20 - 40 Mins
  • Hannah: Stretch It Out - Full Body Stretch

    Episode 1

  • Hannah: Stretch It Out - Neck & Upper Body

    Episode 2

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 26 - 30 Minute Restore & Meditation

    Episode 3

    If your body is stiff and sore, this is the reset you need. Set your mat up near a wall for extra support and have a blanket handy to prop and cushion your body. Suzie will work you through her favorite restorative poses for hip and spine relief, and nervous system soothing breathwork.

  • Evelyn: Shoulder Mobility

    Episode 4

  • R&G Recovery Flow 3 With Jess

    Episode 5

    These beautiful recovery flows are essential for your progress in this program. Don't skip it. Tune in and love on your bod!

  • R&G Recovery Flow 1 With Jess

    Episode 6

  • R&G Recovery Flow 2 With Jess

    Episode 7

    Give your body the support it needs to rebuild and get stronger. Enjoy full body stretching and an emphasis on slow and dynamic movement that supports your joints and feels oh so good.

  • Julia Marie: BONUS Post Run Stretch & Restore

    Episode 8

  • More Sukha Please! Flow & Reset with Julia

    Episode 9

    Find the ease in every flow, pose, and breath in this easygoing flow for a softer focus, physical mobility, and mental relief.

    Begin in a standing flow to warm your spine and give your shoulders a break with this hands-free class. A block may be helpful for support.

  • Gentle Yoga, Mantra & Meditation with Julia Marie

    Episode 10

    This is a great class for anyone looking for an ultra chill movement pratice that is easy on the wrist, knees, and shoulders, as well as for anyone who brand new to mind-body practices. Move through a gentle yoga practice that incorporates gentle mobility exercises, breathwork, and artful repetit...

  • ANDREA: Wake Up Your Chest & Shoulders

    Episode 11

    Prepare for the day ahead with this lovely heart opening practice. Hop out of bed, unroll your mat and get ready to loosen up your shoulders with Andrea. Blocks are optional but recommended for a couple key poses.

  • ANDREA: Wake Up - Full Body Flow

    Episode 12

    Invigorate your morning with this full body flow. Start slow and build the energy you need to take on the day. This flow is designed for yoga practitioners of every level. It is intentionally gentle on the joints and focuses on coming into a wakeful and energized experience built over time.

  • Andrea: Wake Up Your Back

    Episode 13

    Wake up your body and mind in this back focused flow. You and Andrea will start gently and slowly begin to build your energy so you can move into your day with a happy back and less pain.

  • Andrea: Wake Up Your Hips

    Episode 14

    Feeling a little tight this morning? Have no fear Andrea is here! Wake up together through a hip opening flow that will leave you feeling released and refreshed.

  • Andrea: Wake Up Your Legs

    Episode 15

    Sometimes the hardest part of waking up is dragging our legs out of bed. Andrea can help with that! Whether you feel sore or just lethargic this leg focused flow is for you. Start your day with a spring in your step! You will need a strap for this practice.

  • Maria: Chill Flow For Shoulder Relief

    Episode 16

    Are your shoulders feeling tight? Join Maria for a soothing chill flow focused on giving your shoulders relief!

  • Maria: Chill Flow For Tight Hips

    Episode 17

    Join Maria for this low key chill flow that will both strengthen and release your hips. This is a great class to cross-train for runners or cyclists, or to simply enjoy all on its own!

  • Chill Flow: Release & Unwind

    Episode 18

    Release and unwind with Maria in this chill flow centered around gentle twists and stretches. We're keeping it low-key and low to the ground today!

  • Julia Marie: Yin & Restore for Hips & Low Back

    Episode 19

    Keep it going with a Rest day! Join Julia Marie for her restorative yoga favorites + meditation.

  • Maria : Chill Flow For Better Sleep

    Episode 20

    Having trouble winding down and getting to sleep? Maria's Chill Flow for Better Sleep will help you stimulate that "rest and digest" response in your body with this mostly low to the ground flow. Grab your mat, and get ready to chill out!

  • Molly : Flow & Restore - UnFrazzle Your Mind

    Episode 21

    Reclaim your day with a focused flow & restore with Molly. Feel the benefits of moving meditation with a transition-focused flow that harness brain-body connection, followed by restorative poses that soothe the nervous system.

  • Molly: Flow & Restore - Heart Opening

    Episode 22

    Boost your mood, strengthen and lengthen your spine in flow, then settle in to restorative postures focusing on the heart line. This class will leave you feeling calm, happy, and centered.

  • Molly : Flow & Restore - Gentle Twisting

    Episode 23

    Join Molly in her Flow & Restore series. This class guides you through a moving meditation that features twists and sidebends to open up space in the body, promote spinal health, and rinse out. After flowing cozy up with a restorative approach to twists. Bolster or pillow is recommended for pract...

  • Julia Marie : BONUS Walking Meditation 30 Minutes

    Episode 24