20 Mins Or Less

20 Mins Or Less

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20 Mins Or Less
  • Julia: Peace Retreat - Sun Salutes

    Episode 1

    This will include both a lot of repetition as well as new variations for Sun Salutations to set your day the right way.

  • Jade: Fly With Jade - Firefly Conditioning

    Episode 2

    This is a short strengthening and conditioning practice to complement the Firefly Flow in the Fly with Jade series. Take the conditioning sequence first, followed by the flow practice- or take them separately!

  • Julia: Flow & Breathwork for Empowerment

    Episode 3

    This vinyasa-kundalini fusion incorporates breathwork, repetition, and big exhilaration movement to transform anxious or pent up feelings into controlled and empowering energy.

  • Family Flow: Sun A Everyday

    Episode 4

  • Julia Marie: Daily Dose - Stretch Your Mindset

    Episode 5

    Stretch out your body soothe your mind, and feel the benefit of slowing down your yoga practice. This class is great post workout or any day you just need to take a break.

  • Maria: Chill Flow For A Good Morning

    Episode 6

    Start your day with this invigorating chill flow with Maria that will get your body and mind ready to take on whatever comes your way!

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Intro to Crow

    Episode 7

    Flip your perspective and lean into the beauty beginner's mind by exploring crow pose. Adrienne will show you that inversions are not something to be afraid of and are a wonderful addition to your practice. Roll out your mat and be prepared to tumble around and have fun!

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Sun Salutations A

    Episode 8

    Welcome to day 2! You and Adrienne will quickly review what we learned yesterday, then move into Sun Salutation A. Many yoga classes use this sequence as a warm up. This video will prepare you for any video or yoga studio. Wind down with a calming meditation.

  • Deep Release: MFR for SI Joints with Evelyn

    Episode 9

    Break up tension at the back of the hip. This area of the body takes on so much during the day. Roll it out with Evelyn and feel your bum, hips, and back melt into greater ease.

  • Deep Release: MFR for shoulders with Evelyn

    Episode 10

    Myofascial release to release tension in the muscles of the upper shoulder, traps and supraspinatus.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Breath + Movement

    Episode 11

    Day one of Adrienne's 14 day beginner challenge kicks off with an introduction to vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga encourages breath to movement. End the practice with a guided meditation.

  • Evelyn: Myofascial Release - Chest, Neck & Shoulders

    Episode 12

    Evelyn's upper body recover program is designed to increase circulation and hydration to your upper body. A yoga block is a great tool for this video!

  • Evelyn : Myofascial Release Quads & Hip Flexors

    Episode 13

    Tight quads? Sore hip flexors? Evelyn will teach you her tricks for myofascial release in these areas.

  • Deep Release: MFR for feet with Evelyn

    Episode 14

    MFR to help combat arthritis and plantar fasciitis and improve balance.
    Rolling your tootsies can help your whole body feel better! Let Evelyn show you how.