20 Minutes or Less

20 Minutes or Less

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20 Minutes or Less
  • Julia Marie: BONUS 10-Minute Ab Workout

    Crunches get a bad rap. The curl-up action is actually a super supportive skill when performed with good form and intention. This ab workout incorporates crunch and non-crunch core burners that support a strong midsection. Get burning!

  • Julia Marie: Fluidity Meets Control Flow for Runners & Cyclists

    Running, cycling, or too much sitting at the desk got ya feeling like a robot?
    Bust out of that rigidity with a fluid, intermediate flow that focuses on movement in rotational and coronal planes of motion (think lateral and twisting moves).

    Control meets fluidity in this well-paced and focused ...

  • Julia Marie: Flow for a Strong Back & Open Front

    This intermediate flow offers focuses on turning on posture and stability muscles while opening up spaces in the body where we often feel tense, tight, or disengaged. This flow provides opportunity to build strengthen from ankle to hip, and demands control and focus with dynamic balancing transit...

  • Julia Marie: BONUS Plyo Training - 10x10 Burpee Workout

    HIIT of the most classic kind. In under 15 minutes you'll complete 100 burpees. We're sorry and you're welcome ;)

  • Gentle Yoga, Mantra & Meditation with Julia Marie

    This is a great class for anyone looking for an ultra chill movement pratice that is easy on the wrist, knees, and shoulders, as well as for anyone who brand new to mind-body practices. Move through a gentle yoga practice that incorporates gentle mobility exercises, breathwork, and artful repetit...

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Core & Confidence

    Feel the vitality of your practice in Day 5 of this 14 day challenge. Engaging your core is an integral part of yoga movement. You and Adrienne will build on what you have already learned while introducing a core focus to your practice. Let's breathe, move, and get strong together!

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Warriors & Standing Poses

    You made it to day 4! Flow through Sun Salutations A & B and begin to add on standing poses. Relax with a seated meditation.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Sun Salutations A

    Welcome to day 2! You and Adrienne will quickly review what we learned yesterday, then move into Sun Salutation A. Many yoga classes use this sequence as a warm up. This video will prepare you for any video or yoga studio. Wind down with a calming meditation.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Breath + Movement

    Day one of Adrienne's 14 day beginner challenge kicks off with an introduction to vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga encourages breath to movement. End the practice with a guided meditation.

  • Adrienne: 10 Minute Gentle Morning Wake Up

    Top poses to wake up with. Adrienne will show you how to start a healthy wake up routine to start your day.

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Cardio Party

    Let's get this {cardio} party started! Join Jess for a quick but effective cardio blast!

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Plank Workout

    Join Jess in this short bodyweight plank workout guaranteed to get your heart rate up

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Lunges Blast

    Jump in with Jess and get your short and sweet workout with her as she takes you through a squat and lunge centered workout!

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Crunch Free Core

    Jess rocks your core without taking you through a single crunch in this short and sweet workout

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Back Body Burn

    Challenge your back, glutes and hamstrings in this quick workout with Jess.

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Ab Blast

    Short on time? Join Jess for this super short and spicy Ab blast!

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Chest & Shoulders

    Target your upper body in this quick body weight based workout with Jess

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Sculpted Shoulders

    Grab a mini band for this short, spicy, shoulder workout. You will learn about how to find better stability for your shoulders. Sculpted shoulders are something people ask a lot about, but having strong shoulders is so much more than feeling confident in tank tops. A stable shoulder girdle also ...

  • Jess : Banded Blast - Full Body

    Using only mini bands, Jess tackles your abs, legs, and arms in one short and sweaty workout

  • Jess: Banded Blast: Hips & Thighs

    This workout is best with a band, but can totally be done without a band. And as Jess says, "It's spicy!" Get your legs ready!

  • Maria : Core Burnout Workout!

    Move with Maria in this quick workout focused on getting your heart rate up while working your core!

  • Suzie : Quickfix Cardio - Core

    Suzie takes you though a quick cardio workout focused on core strength to burn calories and tone your abs.

  • Suzie : Quickfix Cardio - Lower Body

    Suzie takes you though a quick cardio workout focused on leg strength that tones your lower body while giving you a cardio boost.

  • Suzie Mills : Quickfix Cardio - Total Body

    Suzie takes you though a quick cardio workout that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the rest of your day.