30 Day Body Ritual Challenge

30 Day Body Ritual Challenge

If you are looking to build sustainable fitness, body confidence and a mindfulness practice that will serve you for the long haul, this program is for you. Each day you will move through a power flow, a body weight resistance workout or cardio class that will both challenge and change you. Plus, this program will take it one step forward.

With three coaches, Julia, Suzie and Hannah - we will lead you through not only inspiring classes and meditations but also daily tips and homework centered on the science and inspiration behind each class so that you can incorporate these ideas into your daily routine.

As a team of coaches, our goal is to help you step off a fitness roller coaster and step forward into sustainable fitness for life. This is why this 30 Day program is designed to include three different fitness modalities that incorporate cardio, strength training and flexibility along with meditation, mindfulness, rest and recovery days.

So, join us for Practice Everywhere’s live 30 Day Challenge to build a body ritual you crave!

30 Day Body Ritual Challenge
  • CALENDAR 30-Day

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    Use this calendar to follow along with the 30 Day Challenge. But you also can use the calendar as a guideline to mix and match PE classes to create your own challenge!

  • Julia Marie: High Intensity Flow

    Kick off Day One of the 30 Day Body Ritual Challenge with Julia Marie. She will lead you through a combo of yoga flow, body weight strength training and cardio.

  • Suzie: Warrior Within Flow

    Suzie leads you through a Foundational Power Flow that introduces poses that stimulates the warrior within.

  • Hannah: Body Weight Workout + Core

    On Day Three you will work on core strength & stability. Hannah will work you through a floor based workout that targets the core, demonstrates good plank form and provides some skills & drills that support healthy shoulders during chaturanga dandasana.

  • Suzie: Slow Down & Sizzle

    On day four Suzie will lead you through a 50 min slow flow where you will spend time exploring each pose with added sizzle.

  • Julia Marie: Balance Challenge Flow

    Challenge Your Balance with a flow with Julia Marie.

  • Hannah: Touchdown Hiit

    Join Hannah for Cardio Day on Day 6 of Body Ritual! This cardio day incorporates HIIT and will leave you feeling energized!

  • Suzie: Flow, Stretch & Release

    You made it to the end of the first week! Rest and recovery are just as important (if not more!) than the challenging days. Join Suzie for a stretch and restore class that will leave you feeling ready to take on week 2!

  • Suzie: Root & Rise Flow

    Kick off day 8 with a Power Flow focused on grounding and stability and finding your inner warrior.

  • Julia Marie: Powerhouse Leg Intervals

    Your legs are powerhouses for the metabolism. In this body weight workout with Julia Marie you will focus on strengthening your lower body.

  • Hannah: Stoke Your Fire

    Stroke your fire with this bodyweight workout with Hannah! Intervals in this workout are designed to amp up your cardio, fine-tune your form, and take your muscles to a new edge.

  • Hannah: Upper Body Strength Intervals

    Sore shoulders are one of most common complaints. Building a strong and stable shoulders, upper back, and arms can prevent injury and help you feel stronger in almost any athletic endeavor.

  • Julia Marie: Prana Meets Vinyasa Flow

    This cardio flow will challenge your muscles and move your joints through full range of motion. By the end the class you'll feel proud for doing awesome work for your cardiovascular system, soaked in bliss from breath-based movement, and warm from getting your blood pumping to all your major musc...

  • Julia: Hips & Low Back Relief

  • Suzie: Power Hour Flow

    End week two strong with a Power Flow with Suzie!

  • Suzie: Balance Drills Flow

    Move between balance poses to challenge balance with a drills and flow sequence led by Suzie.

  • Suzie: Hop Up & Fly Flow

    Focus on building core strength while playing with crow pose in this flow class with Suzie!

  • Hannah: Neck & Shoulders Recovery Flow

  • Julia Marie: Sideline & Heart Flow

    Take a break from chaturangas and down dogs and focus on transitions that challenge your body in new creative transitions, turn on the sidelines and heartlines. You'll feel inspired to try new ways to move in your mat practice. This is a great class for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

  • Suzie: Flow Meets Cardio Interval Workout

    Cardio Day! Flow meets HIIT in this 35 minute workout with Suzie

  • Julia Marie: Yin & Restore for Side Body

    This reset class utilizes gentle dynamic stretch along with Yin yoga to bring relief to the body and mind. This class focuses on the side bends and twists. Grab a block, bolster or rolled towel. Music featured in this reset class is by DJ Taz Rashid and Srikalogy.

  • Hannah: Hold & Flow

  • Julia Marie: Intro to Wheel Flow

    Take your practice to the next level with this intro to Wheel Pose Flow with Julia Marie!

  • Hannah: Arms, Back, & Core HIIT

    Join Hannah for a cardio inspired Power Yoga HIIT to work your arms, back & core.