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40+ Mins

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40+ Mins
  • Julia : Intermediate Transition Flow

    Episode 1

    This intermediate practice incorporates flowing balancing transitions that challenge core stability, focus, and cultivates body awareness.

  • Allison : Flow from Home - Heart Flow

    Episode 2

    Allison is still staying at home but that hasn't stopped her practice or her teaching. Flow with her from home. Allisons direct, deliberate and steady cue pacing offers grounding clarify in this flow.

  • Julia Marie: Fluidity Meets Control Flow

    Episode 3

    Running, cycling, or too much sitting at the desk got ya feeling like a robot?
    Bust out of that rigidity with a fluid, intermediate flow that focuses on movement in rotational and coronal planes of motion (think lateral and twisting moves).

    Control meets fluidity in this well-paced and focused ...

  • Julia Marie:: Audio Only: Hip-Focused Power Flow

    Episode 4

    Love a good podcast? What about an audio class that offers you a moving meditation. This intermediate power flow class is easy to follow along without the use of a screen.

    Move through sun salutations, warriors, and extra time spent in poses that strengthen and then release your hips.

  • Vanessa: Shoulder Stability Part 5 - Lift off!

    Episode 5

  • Vanessa: Shoulder Stability Part 3 - Dolphin Flow

    Episode 6

  • Vanessa: Shoulder Stability Part 4 - Triceps & Upper Back Flow

    Episode 7

  • Maria - Slow Burn: Powerhouse Flow

    Episode 8

    Do you love adding core drills to your vinyasa flows? Then you will LOVE this class. Get focused, embrace the sweat, and find physical discipline as you stay committed and move through. You will end class feeling calm, confident, and connected to your center.

    This class features core drills, va...

  • Advanced Vinyasa: 8 Angle Flow with Julia Marie

    Episode 9

    If you enjoy moving with breath and challenging your body in advanced asana like 8-angle pose, side crow, and compass, this class is for you!

    Move through a practice that begins with deep breath work, then flow with focus with a creative thread that balances mobility and control woven throughout...

  • Maria: Slow Burn - Deep Hips

    Episode 10

    Maria leads you through a firely slow burn that focuses on strong muscle engagement to help control your balance and movement in flow.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Open Heart Flow

    Episode 11

    You are so close to the finish line! It's Day 11 and today's flow is focused on opening your heart. Feel energized while building on what you have learned in the previous classes.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Restore

    Episode 12

    Day 12! Today Adrienne will introduce you to restorative yoga. Stretch your muscles while you flow and then rest your body in restorative poses. You will need a wall, one bolster/pillow, and two blocks.

  • Suzie : Mid-level Flow for Release & Grounding

    Episode 13

    Suzie will guide you through an easy going flow that will leave you feeling grounded and relaxed!

  • Maria: Slow Burn - Twist & Flow

    Episode 14

    Maria slows down your flows and twists in this sweaty and challenging practice that leaves you feeling empowered!

    In Yoga one word for focus is Drishti. It means focused gaze, or concentrated attention. Through the lens of the physical experience, Maria will help you build presence, stamina and...

  • SPECIAL EVENT: Vinyasa Flow With Special Guest DJ Taz Rashid

    Episode 15

    "This building flow features creative and expressive transitions across all sides of the mat. The energy level through the building section of the flow can be intense but modifications are offered and the invitation to personalize the experience is encouraged. This flow experience is accompanied ...

  • Maria: Slow Burn - Balance Flow

    Episode 16

    Build stability, control, and confidence in single leg balance. This slow flow will challenge your focus, stamina, and strength in the best ways possible!

    You will explore postures including: variations on Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge), Virabharasana (Warrior), and Eka Hasta Pandangustasana (Han...

  • Maria: Slow Burn - Core

    Episode 17

    Your core is your powerhouse, it supports the movement of your arms and legs, and helps stabilize your spine. Tap into that control with this slow, but strong flow.

    In this class you will explore powerhouse poses including Navasana (boat pose), variations of Vasisthasana (side plank), Utthita Pa...

  • Block Party Flow w/ Julia

    Episode 18

    Grab a block and feel the sizzle and the support of propping your practice. This practice will be an upbeat warrior flow and will incorporate core-strengthening drills with the use of a yoga block. If you don't have a block a firm pillow can be a good alternative.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 19: Maria

    Episode 19

    It's time to put it all together! Turn up the heat with this sizzling slow burn flow with Maria.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 18: Suzie

    Episode 20

    It's time to take it to the next level! In this upbeat flow, you will challenge your balance as you move between warriors and balance poses.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 16: Julia Marie

    Episode 21

    Continue to build on your power flow with this invigorating and inspiring practice with Julia Marie.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 14: Suzie

    Episode 22

    Recover from your week with this gentle yoga stretch with Suzie.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 12: Maria

    Episode 23

    Get ready to slow it down and feel it deeper. Yoga asana offers a window into what's going on with our energy physically but also mentally and emotionally. Maria's Slow Flows offer longer holds in postures giving time to settle in to the present moment. Don't touch that dial... these slow flows a...

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 11: Suzie

    Episode 24

    Continue to uplevel your foundational flow as Suzie takes you through a challenging standing flows that will leave you inspired and energized!