4 Seasons

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  • Adrienne: 5 Minute Bubble Breath Meditation

    Episode 1

    Are you overwhelmed with emotions? Meditate with Adrienne and visualize ridding yourself of the negative energy inside you.

  • FamilyFlow: Kids Yoga - Meet Your Feet

    Episode 2

    Take a movement break that gets you out of your head and into your feet as Adrienne's takes kids and their caregivers through a feet-focused FamilyFlow.

  • FamilyFlow: Jungle Adventure Flow

    Episode 3

    Did you miss your usual summer vacation this year? That's no problem, because when you get on your yoga mat you can go anywhere! Join Adrienne and visit the jungle.

  • Family Flow: Sun A Everyday

    Episode 4

  • Adrienne: Relax and Unwind.

    Episode 5

    Congratulations! You have made it to Day 14! Reward your hard work with a delicious meditation. Adrienne will lead to a place of relaxation and help you feel rested and ready to start the next step in your yoga journey.

  • Adrienne: Welcome to Flow - Hip-Focused Flow

    Episode 6

    You've made it over the hump! Welcome to Day 8 which is a hip flow with Adrienne. Today you will be introduced to a new poses (or asanas) designed to open your hips while building on what you've already learned.

  • FamilyFlow : Pre Teen & Teen - Gratitude

    Episode 7

    Learn about how gratitude can change your attitude and then flow with Adrienne to move your body and feel positive and strong!

  • Adrienne: Balancing Meditation

    Episode 8

    Overcome your fears and find comfort in an uncomfortable position with this balancing meditation with Adrienne. This meditation will help you on and off the mat.

  • Adrienne: Stress-Relief Technique Meditation

    Episode 9

    Having a hard time settling down from a stressful day? Enjoy this tense and release mediation to learn how to relieve stress in your life.

  • FamilyFlow Love & Kindness Meditation

    Episode 10

    Meditation for love and kindness. Take some time to give love to your friends love, your family love, and yourself.

  • FamilyFlow: Tense & Release Bedtime Meditation

    Episode 11

    Ease into sleep with a tense and release meditation lead by Adrienne from Family Flow Yoga. Great for both kids and adults!

  • FamilyFlow Shine Your True Light Meditation

    Episode 12

    It can be hard to shine our brightest when we are stuck seeing people virtually or behind a mask. This meditation helps kids and their caregivers show their truest light regardless of circumstances.

  • Adrienne: Breath Surfing Meditation

    Episode 13

    We don't think about our breath often. But when used intentionally, it can be a powerful tool calm your mind and body. Join Adrienne as she teaches you how surf your breath and relax your mind.

  • Adrienne: 10 Minute Gentle Morning Wake Up

    Episode 14

    Top poses to wake up with. Adrienne will show you how to start a healthy wake up routine to start your day.

  • FamilyFlow : Yoga for Teens Inter Connected Guided Meditation

    Episode 15

    Use this visualization meditation to feel connected and peace.

  • Family Flow : Yoga for Teens - Top 5 Restorative Poses

    Episode 16

    Here are Adrienne's top five favorite restorative poses. In stillness you can find answers and focus. After a long day, treat yourself to some quiet and rest.

  • FamilyFlow : Yoga for Teens - Confidence

    Episode 17

    What does it mean to be confiden? Focus on your strengths and make mistakes in the confidence focused flow. One block is recommended

  • FamilyFlow : Yoga for Teens - Responsibility

    Episode 18

    Everyone has responsibility. What are some of yours? Your ability to respond to certain situations starts with you. To blocks will help but they are not required.

  • FamilyFlow : Pre Teen & Teen - Open Your Heart

    Episode 19

    We spend a lot of days hunched over. In order to maintain harmony and balance in your body, spend some time opening your heart. Experience more freedom with your breath. Recommend use a bolster and two blocks.

  • FamilyFlow: Let's Go On An Adventure

    Episode 20

    Have you ever been to the Great Lakes? Adrienne takes kids and caregivers on a Yoga Adventure to Lake Michigan! Flow through the sights of a beach day. Then relax as your breath melts into the sound of the waves in a final guided meditation. Roll your mat out like a beach towel and let's have fun!

  • FamilyFlow: Taking Flight Flow

    Episode 21

    Nature shows us that there is beauty in all creatures big and small. If you pay close attention you can find happiness and inspiration anywhere.

  • FamilyFlow: Treasure Hunt Flow

    Episode 22

    Kick off this adventure series with a treasure hunt! Explore what treasures lie within you. Learn how to fight those mind pirates that try to bring you down.

  • FamilyFlow : 5 Favorite Poses Before Bed

    Episode 23

    Ease into bedtime with this short sleepy class. You will need a bolster or pillow and two blocks.

  • Fail Fabulously FamilyFlow

    Episode 24

    Learn how to drop the story of failure and replace it with courage, fun and learning! FamilyFlow is designed for elementary and middle school kids, and their caregivers will love to join in too!