4 Seasons

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  • Adrienne: Balancing Meditation

    Episode 1

    Overcome your fears and find comfort in an uncomfortable position with this balancing meditation with Adrienne. This meditation will help you on and off the mat.

  • Adrienne: 5 Minute Bubble Breath Meditation

    Episode 2

    Are you overwhelmed with emotions? Meditate with Adrienne and visualize ridding yourself of the negative energy inside you.

  • Adrienne: Stress-Relief Technique Meditation

    Episode 3

    Having a hard time settling down from a stressful day? Enjoy this tense and release mediation to learn how to relieve stress in your life.

  • FamilyFlow Love & Kindness Meditation

    Episode 4

    Meditation for love and kindness. Take some time to give love to your friends love, your family love, and yourself.

  • FamilyFlow: Tense & Release Bedtime Meditation

    Episode 5

    Ease into sleep with a tense and release meditation lead by Adrienne from Family Flow Yoga. Great for both kids and adults!

  • FamilyFlow Shine Your True Light Meditation

    Episode 6

    It can be hard to shine our brightest when we are stuck seeing people virtually or behind a mask. This meditation helps kids and their caregivers show their truest light regardless of circumstances.

  • Adrienne: Breath Surfing Meditation

    Episode 7

    We don't think about our breath often. But when used intentionally, it can be a powerful tool calm your mind and body. Join Adrienne as she teaches you how surf your breath and relax your mind.