19 Episodes

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  • Julia Marie: Advanced Low Flow for Hips

    Episode 1

    Fluidity becomes useful when it can be harnessed for action. Get into your legs and hips with this low slow flow that introduces challenging transitions. Find the balance between stability and mobility as you zero your focus in on smooth, controlled range of motion in transitions and in holds.

  • Julia Marie: Love Your Practice Flow

    Episode 2

    Dive into a full-length flow practice that will move and groove the body, and sink you into rhythmic breath.

  • Julia Marie : Heat It Up

    Episode 3

    Flow and fly with a full length class with fiery poses and heat-building holds. You'll play with balances and fun transitions that keep you focused and motivated.

    This flow includes movement through planks, chair, single-leg balances, lunges and twists for full-body agility and a dialed-in ment...

  • Maria - Slow Burn: Powerhouse Flow

    Episode 4

    Do you love adding core drills to your vinyasa flows? Then you will LOVE this class. Get focused, embrace the sweat, and find physical discipline as you stay committed and move through. You will end class feeling calm, confident, and connected to your center.

    This class features core drills, va...

  • Suzie: Hop Up & Fly Flow

    Episode 5

    Focus on building core strength while playing with crow pose in this flow class with Suzie!

  • Maria : Build a Better Backbend - Partridge Pose

    Episode 6

    Build shoulder strength and stability as Maria flips your Dancer's pose on its side for this Partridge pose backbend flow

  • Vanessa : Aligned Flow - Extend Your Spine

    Episode 7

    No circus tricks in this one! Use your abs and your glutes to support your backbends, and find for freedom in your front body!

  • Maria : Build A Better Backbend: Free Flow

    Episode 8

    Flow with Maria incorporating backbend techniques learned over the last 6 classes in this free flow class. This class can stand alone or take it along with Maria's entire Build a Better Backbend series.

  • Maria : Build A Better Backbend - Flip Your Grip II

    Episode 9

    Add space and intensity to your backbends as Maria walks you through some shoulder opening warm ups in preparation for flipping your grip.

  • Suzie :: PowerFix: Explore Crow Flow

    Episode 10

    Learn how to incorporate crow into your your power flow practice in this upbeat class where Suzie breaks down the essentials to help you find your version of crow!

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Poses - Crow Flow

    Episode 11

    Ready to tackle more intense poses? This series combines flows as well as skills & drills videos to help you build the mobility and strength required in the arm balances and inversions presented in this series. To kick off we begin with Crow.

  • Alex : Chakra Series - Crown Flow

    Episode 12

    Join Alex for the final class in her chakra series: crown chakra. This class will bring together moving through all of the chakras leading to an introduction of classical headstand.

  • Julia Marie : Daily Dose - Backbend Flow for Wheel

    Episode 13

    Have you been feeling sluggish? Look no further than this back bend flow. Explore postures that extend your spine and open the front line of your body. We invite you to try on new variations or fun modifications to tailor your back bend practice. Let the endorphins flow!

  • Maria : Build A Better Backbend - Wheel Pose

    Episode 14

    Strengthen your back body while opening your chest and shoulders as Maria sets you up for your wheel pose.

  • Advanced Vinyasa: 8 Angle Flow with Julia Marie

    Episode 15

    If you enjoy moving with breath and challenging your body in advanced asana like 8-angle pose, side crow, and compass, this class is for you!

    Move through a practice that begins with deep breath work, then flow with focus with a creative thread that balances mobility and control woven throughout...

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Asana - King Pigeon

    Episode 16

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Asana - Firefly Pose

    Episode 17

    Firefly is a pose that sounds sweet but packs a big punch. This sequence will emphasize forward folding and hamstring lengthening along with the foundational skills of arm balance to help you spread your firefly wings. As always your practice will offer you what you need whether or not your toes ...

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Asana - Yoga Flow For Side Plank

    Episode 18

    This video is an all over body experience! Working through different plank variations you will build strength and mobility, open your chest and stabilize the shoulders, as well as develop a deep connection with your hips and midsection. Challenge your entire body, commit your mind, and work hard...

  • Julia Marie : Advanced Asana - Hurdler Flow

    Episode 19

    Have you ever wanted to advance your physical practice to include arm balances and other complicated poses? This video will stand on its own but will also incorporate skills and drills to leave you feeling stronger and more prepared for arm balances like hurdler. Some yoga experience is beneficia.l