3 Seasons

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  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Legs & Glutes

    Episode 1

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Flow III

    Episode 2

    If you love vinyasa classes, and you also want to incorporate strength training, this class is for you!

    Grab light dumbbells and your mat and get flowing with Lynn.

    Lynn is a yoga teacher, studio owner, and personal trainer based out of Northwest Arkansas. Check out Yoga Story of Northwest Ark...

  • Hannah: Upper Body Strength Intervals

    Episode 3

    Sore shoulders are one of most common complaints. Building a strong and stable shoulders, upper back, and arms can prevent injury and help you feel stronger in almost any athletic endeavor.

  • Get Up and Glow Cardio with Jess

    Episode 4

    This zippy 45 Minute class starts with a dynamic flow warm-up which leads into a low-impact but high energy cardio blocks. Boost your mood and your metabolism with this class that is perfect for your midday break.

  • Strength & Cardio Flow: Twists & Lateral Movement

    Episode 5

    Full body weighted workout focused on lateral movements (both upper body and lower body) and twisting movements to develop underutilized muscle groups and movements.

  • Hannah: Endurance Party - Full Body Pyramid Circuit

    Episode 6

  • Endurance Party + Weights with Hannah

    Episode 7

    By incorporating weights to this endurance workout you'll move your body to a new edge. This workout will emphasize basic exercises with a lot of repetition performed to burnout and built into this pyramid structure. Get ready to feel the burn while you hone in on good form.

  • R&G Push: Legs & Booty Burn With Jess

    Episode 8

    Your metabolic burners are your legs, thighs, and hip muscles. When your work your quads, hammier, and glutes you rev your metabolism, support your posture, and find more comfort in every activity.

    This is an intermediate to advanced workout that builds upon the basic foundation of good squat, ...

  • R&G Push: Upper Body Sculpt With Jess

    Episode 9

  • Julia Marie: Plyo Training - 10x10 Burpee Workout

    Episode 10

    HIIT of the most classic kind. In under 15 minutes you'll complete 100 burpees. We're sorry and you're welcome ;)

  • Hannah:: Strength & Cardio Flow - Core Crusher

    Episode 11

    Develop core strength and stability as well as mental and physical stamina and awareness. You'll feel like a powerhouse after finishing this class!

  • Strength & Cardio Flow: Unilateral Movement & Balance

    Episode 12

    For series final class, focus on develop even more strength and testing physical and mental awareness by working one side of the body at a time and testing balancing. Become aware of differences on each side and where we feel strong, where we need to develop strength so we can keep building!


  • Strength & Cardio Flow: Sculpted Arms

    Episode 13

    Develop strength of upper body muscle groups with minimal rest time to build endurance and stamina. This workout will take your arms and shoulders to a new sculpted edge.

  • Hannah: High Octane Bodyweight Intervals

    Episode 14

    Build your endurance with building interval rounds. Each circuit adds on a new challenge. Take note of your modifications so you can keep going - don't quit!

  • Hannah: Arms, Back, & Core HIIT

    Episode 15

    Join Hannah for a cardio inspired Power Yoga HIIT to work your arms, back & core.

  • Cardio Party: Inner Athlete w/ Hannah

    Episode 16

    Join Hannah for a full body cardio with emphasis on legs, lateral movement, obliques and twisting.

    This class will take on the spirit of HIIT with intervals that will push your output and stamina followed by recovery intervals to rev yourself up to do it all again!

    Tune in to opportunities to ...

  • R&G Push: Back Body & Weights With Jess

    Episode 17

    This takes your push & pull to a new functional level added in balancing, changes in your base of support, and combination movements that require your full-body attention.

    If you are still mastering skills like rows, curls, and shoulder presses check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Push: Core Cardio With Jess

    Episode 18

    Your core is more than your abs, but your abs are going to get a good workout too in this core-cardio class.

    Build a sweat and enjoy the burn. If you are still mastering boat pose, bicycle crunches, twisting with ease, or the c-curve spine position check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Push: Push & Pull With Jess

    Episode 19

    Pushing and pulling are essential for any everyday athlete. Kick it up a notch in this build-week workout!

    You will find things like shoulder presses, rows, curls and more. This is an intermediate workout. If you are still mastering these skills check out the basic version of this class.