Audio Accessible Classes

Audio Accessible Classes

6 Episodes

A collection of classes that are music free and include captions

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Audio Accessible Classes
  • Audio Accessible: PowerFix - Foundations I with Suzie

    Episode 1

    Kick off your power yoga practice with this beginner friendly power flow. You will learn the basics of how we move through a power style practice and finish feeling inspired and ready to take your practice to the next level.

  • Audio Accessible: PowerFix - Foundations II with Suzie

    Episode 2

    Continue your power yoga journey with this beginner friendly power vinyasa flow. New poses are introduced that focus on strengthening the body leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Audio Accessible: Chill Flow - Release & Unwind with Maria

    Episode 3

    Release and unwind with Maria in this chill flow centered around gentle twists and stretches. We're keeping it low-key and low to the ground today!

  • Audio Accessible: Go To Power Flow with Julia

    Episode 4

    This is a go-to power flow to wake you up for your day. Get your fill of your favorite yoga postures at steady, moderate pace that will leave you feeling well worked, mindful, and clear.

  • Audio Accessible: Flow For Confidence with Julia

    Episode 5

    Feel tall, stable, and proud in this spine focused flow. Get your daily dose of movement and mindfulness with Julia Marie

  • Audio Accessible: PowerFix - Breath & Flow with Suzie

    Episode 6

    Take your practice to the next level with just your breath. In this power style class learn how to incorporate breathing to build heat in your body while finding a little zen. As Suzie always says finding breath helps you find calmness in the chaos of life.