Beginner Friendly

Beginner Friendly

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Beginner Friendly
  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Hip Opening Flow

    Episode 1

    The hips are huge joints affecting body and our soul. They store tension, emotion, and are key to our ability to feel both stable and flexible. Hips are also important players in our root, sacral, and power centers. In short - there is a lot going on!

    Wake up your body for the weekday or the we...

  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Twist & Flow

    Episode 2

  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Flow For Stability

    Episode 3

    Olivia focuses on core strength and stability in this Wake Up Flow. Firm up your side planks, stabilize your shoulders, and build heat head-to-toe in this 20 minute practice.

  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Heart Opening Flow

    Episode 4

    Take on backbends and chest openers to relieve tension and revive your emotional center.

    This class is great for all-levels. A bolster or pillow may help with backbending postures.

  • Olivia: Wake Up With Olivia - Hamstring Length & Stretch

    Episode 5

    This power-inspired flow is a perfect way to wake up! Begin with a dynamic warm-up, then explore poses that offer a stretch to your hamstrings and entire backline.

    This flow includes postures like half-splits (ardha hanumanasana), variation on pyramind pose (parsvottanasana), and lizard lunge ...

  • Julia: Peace Retreat - Sun Salutes

    Episode 6

    This will include both a lot of repetition as well as new variations for Sun Salutations to set your day the right way.

  • Julia: Peace Retreat Low Flow

    Episode 7

  • Lynn: Beginner Heart Opening Flow

    Episode 8

  • Lynn: Block Party Core Flow

    Episode 9

  • NEW! Hannah: Endurance Flow - Standing Twists

    Episode 10

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 4 - Head-to-Toe-Sizzle

    Episode 11

    In this sizzle flow you will build heat holding poses for an extra few breaths. The isometric work in this flow supports joint stability and deep core strength.

    Suzie will move you through yoga-inspired pose favorite including Cobras, Warriors, and Goddess, along with lateral lunges and step-ba...

  • Julia: Deep Hip Release

    Episode 12

    Move through dynamic (moving) releases as well as longer-held stretches to target inner and outer hips, low back, and deep muscle tension.

    This is a perfect class for recovery days, or to tack on to the end of a cardio or strength session, long run, or cycling class.

  • Evelyn: Shoulder Love - Front

    Episode 13

  • Evelyn - Spine Love - Neck & Upper Back

    Episode 14

    A block and strap are handy for this class. Start out with some awesome neck releasing techniques that will leave you feeling more fluid and less sticky.

    After release move through a mini-flow including half Sun As and then move into some Sun A variations featuring cobra and locust to build str...

  • Evelyn - Spine Love: Stability & Strength

    Episode 15

    This class is a go-to class for anytime you need to stabilize your spine. You'll get lots of core moves mixed alternated with fluid motion to build a stronger lumbar spine.

    This class kicks off with spicy core moves to turn on your stabilization system followed by foundational flow postures such...

  • Evelyn - Spine Love : Mobility & Release

    Episode 16

    This class offers puts some motion back into your back!
    Grab a therapy round (or a tennis ball) and yoga blanket (or a bath towel). Evelyn will teach you how to use these for extra release.

    After releasing sticky and stuck spaces move through a steady flow that keeps fluidity at the forefront ...

  • Evelyn - Spine Love - Lumbar

    Episode 17

    Oh the lumbar. Who hasn't experienced some interesting feelings in this area of the body? If you're human chances are you've experienced low back pain.

    This class is part low-back therapeutics, part mindfulness practice, and alllllll spine love.

    You'll explore opportunities to turn on the glu...

  • Evelyn - Spine Love : Thoracic Spine

    Episode 18

    The middle back is often overlooked, but feeling both strong and mobile in your thoracic spine is critical for health movement and overall comfort!

    This class starts off with a side body release, and then turns up the volume on your core. After your fired up take a mini-flow that offers challen...

  • Julie: Gentle Yoga - Recovery

    Episode 19

  • Evelyn: Shoulder Mobility

    Episode 20

  • R&G Recovery Flow 3 With Jess

    Episode 21

    These beautiful recovery flows are essential for your progress in this program. Don't skip it. Tune in and love on your bod!

  • Alex: Intro To Flow - Core Strength

    Episode 22

    Alex builds on the last two classes as she guides you through this core focused fitness flow building strength and stamina.

  • Alex : Get Flowing - Intro to Vinyasa

    Episode 23

    Start your yoga journey with this beginner's flow with Alex. She will introduce the basics of moving through common yoga poses.

  • Suzie: Gentle Flow (21 Day Challenge, Day 7)

    Episode 24

    Take time for yourself to recover and feel the benefits of all of the work you've done in week one! Join Suzie for a gentle flow that will allow you to unwind and reset, ready to take on week 2!