Beginner Friendly

Beginner Friendly

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Beginner Friendly
  • Julia: Arm Sculpt

    Episode 1

    This 25m upper body workout brings the heat!
    Julia will guide you through a workout that uses bodyweight, dumbbells, and the wall to sculpt your chest, arms, shoulders, and back. You may enjoy having a couple weight options or no weights at all - but whatever you do, keep moving! You'll feel str...

  • Julia: Core Sculpt

    Episode 2

  • Hannah: Band & Body - Upper Body

    Episode 3

    This 20 minute workout with Hannah sculpts your shoulders with minimal equipment meaning you can build strong muscles anywhere and everywhere! No excuses. Grab a band and get going!

  • Hannah: Band & Body - Lower Body

    Episode 4

    A band is all you need to get an effective muscle burning lower body workout with Hannah.

    Building strength and stability in your lower body helps you feel strong every day! Plus with Hannah's positive infectious attitude this workout will fly by. So unroll your mat, grab your band, and get going!

  • Julia Marie : BONUS Walking Meditation 30 Minutes

    Episode 5

  • Julia Marie : Get Fit - Banded Shoulder Sculpt

    Episode 6

    This is a workout that targets your upper body with the use of a resistance band. Sculpt your shoulders, strengthen your upper body, and feel strong for your day in 20 minutes or less. Recommended equipment is the resistance band.

  • Julia Marie : Guided Run/Walk

    Episode 7

  • Julia Marie : Get Fit - Upper Body Blast

    Episode 8

    Define your arms with a workout that sculpts your shoulders and arms, and gives you a boost of cardio activity too.

  • Suzie : Quickfix Cardio - Core

    Episode 9

    Suzie takes you though a quick cardio workout focused on core strength to burn calories and tone your abs.

  • R&G Basic: EMOM Core Cardio w/ Jess

    Episode 10

    BASIC Week: Day 3

    Every minute on the minute Jess will have you switching it up with a new challenging move that stimulates deep core stabilization. This workout is designed to keep you moving the entire time for added cardio benefits.

    You are guaranteed to feel proud at the end of this one, a...

  • R&G Basic: Sculpt with Jess - Upper Body

    Episode 11

    Welcome to the gun show 💪🏽. This workout gives you the tools you need to sculpt shoulders that make you feel hella strong. Jess will give you insight into form and has programmed a workout that targets all aspects of your shoulders for a well-rounded experience.

    Throughout this class you’ll ta...

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Sculpted Shoulders

    Episode 12

    Grab a mini band for this short, spicy, shoulder workout. You will learn about how to find better stability for your shoulders. Sculpted shoulders are something people ask a lot about, but having strong shoulders is so much more than feeling confident in tank tops. A stable shoulder girdle also ...

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates Challenge: Get To It Full Body Burn

    Episode 13

    Wrap up "Pilates w/ Bounce" in this sweat dripping class. Burn out your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs! To quote Bounce, "This one is going to burrrnnn."

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates Challenge: Advanced Spine Strengtheners

    Episode 14

    Burn your abs and strengthen your back in this spicy pilates class. You will need a mat, towel, and water. Let's get ready to work!

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates Challenge: Glutes & Deep Hip

    Episode 15

    Firm your peaches with Bounce in this glute focused class. Because your body is a machine, we will do body weight only in this session. Roll out your mat, grab your towel, and lets bake some buns.

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates Challenge: Burning Buns!

    Episode 16

    This is a class that hurts so good. Tone your legs with Bounce in this squat free leg focused practice. Option to grab your resistance band, however, it is not required. Let's get to work!

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates: Core + Sculpted Shoulders

    Episode 17

    It's time to tone your arms and rock your core with Bounce. In Day 3, you will continue to fire up your core while adding your arms. For todays class you will need a pilates ring or pillow (Bounce has even used a stuffed animal!).

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates Challenge: Stabilize & Sizzle

    Episode 18

    Today, you and Bounce will focus on firing up your core. Crunch and isometric hold your way to a rock hard center.

  • Bounce: Mat Pilates Challenge: Full Body Tone

    Episode 19

    Kick off Bounce's new pilates series with a full body workout. Sweat to the beat while strengthening your arms, core, and legs.

    In 25 Minutes you'll get a full-body burn that zeros in on stabilization, turning on your core, and getting into some nooks and crannies you might be missing in other ...