Chill Flow

Chill Flow

7 Episodes

Chill Flow
  • Maria : Chill Flow For Sore Bodies

    Episode 1

    Whether an intense workout or just a hard day has left you feeling achy and sore, this Chill Flow targeting your entire body will have you feeling stretched out and relaxed.

  • Maria: Chill Flow For Tight Hips

    Episode 2

    Join Maria for this low key chill flow that will both strengthen and release your hips. This is a great class to cross-train for runners or cyclists, or to simply enjoy all on its own!

  • Maria: Chill Chair Flow

    Episode 3

    Give your hands a break! Maria's Chill Flow uses a chair as your assistant today, helping you find space, balance, and support in your flow.

  • Chill Flow: Release & Unwind

    Episode 4

    Release and unwind with Maria in this chill flow centered around gentle twists and stretches. We're keeping it low-key and low to the ground today!

  • Maria: Chill Flow For Shoulder Relief

    Episode 5

    Are your shoulders feeling tight? Join Maria for a soothing chill flow focused on giving your shoulders relief!

  • Maria : Chill Flow For Better Sleep

    Episode 6

    Having trouble winding down and getting to sleep? Maria's Chill Flow for Better Sleep will help you stimulate that "rest and digest" response in your body with this mostly low to the ground flow. Grab your mat, and get ready to chill out!

  • Maria: Chill Flow For A Good Morning

    Episode 7

    Start your day with this invigorating chill flow with Maria that will get your body and mind ready to take on whatever comes your way!