Deepen Your Flow

Deepen Your Flow

2 Seasons

In this series Julia teaches you how to find greater benefit physically but also mentally and emotionally in your daily vinyasa practice.
This series draws on lessons from Yoga Philosophy, mindset and behavior coaching, and exercise and movement science to offer challenge and insight to expand your mat practice from mere exercise into a daily ritual for body, mind, and soul.

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Deepen Your Flow
  • Julia : Intermediate Transition Flow

    This intermediate practice incorporates flowing balancing transitions that challenge core stability, focus, and cultivates body awareness.

  • Julia: Around The World Energy Flow

    Go BIG with your energy and fill up a room with your breath, your vibration, and your focus. Work all corners of the mat with a flow that works with repetition and building intensity.

    This sequence features poses that encourage both dynamic and static balance, challenge mobility and demands foc...

  • Julia: Motivational Free-Flow

    This 30 Minute class focuses on a building flow that stops to soak in the challenge in select arm balances. There will be a lot of down dogs, flip dogs, and different ways to transition from the ground to standing.

    Your mind and body will stay strong, focused, and motivated to keep the flow goi...

  • Julia Marie: Love Your Practice Flow

    Dive into a full-length flow practice that will move and groove the body, and sink you into rhythmic breath.

  • Julia Marie : Deepen Your Flow - Body Awareness

    Episode 1

    Body appreciation can skyrocket when we also have a better sense of body awareness and the amazing things that the body can do! In this flow you will deepen your understanding of body awareness which is key for unlocking fluid transitions, more powerful arm balances, and an overall sense of athle...

  • Julia Marie : Deepen Your Flow - Channeling Your Energy

    Episode 2

    The power of movement is truly medicine. Flow our anxious or angry energy by working it through your body with breath and movement. This flow class will incorporate larger transitions, a strong command of breath, and a lot of challenge for both upper and lower body.

  • Julia Marie : Deepen Your Flow - Ease & Effort


    Noticing wear you are holding tension not only helps you relax, but it also helps you feel more powerful. Redirect compensation patterns through awareness, and uncover more functional, comfortable, and skillful movement on the mat!

  • Julia Marie : Deepen Your Flow - Powerful Presence

    Episode 2

  • Julia Marie: Deepen Your Flow - Breathing With Purpose

    Episode 1

    Deepening your experience in a yoga asana practice can be more profound and purposeful when you feel strongly connected to your breath. When we can harness breath while we move the bridge between breath and our ability to regulating our own energy and emotions is strengthened. Breathe on and flow.

  • Julia Marie: Deepen Your Flow - Intentional Tension

    Episode 3

    Tension gets a bad rap. In this class Julia will lead you through a flow focusing on the difference aspect movement mechanics. By the end of the video you will be strong and confident in your body!

  • Julia Marie: Deepen Your Flow - Breath of Fire Energizing Flow

  • Julia Marie: Intermediate Yoga - Finding Your Ground Within

    Episode 8