Deepen Your Flow

Deepen Your Flow

2 Seasons

In this series Julia teaches you how to find greater benefit physically but also mentally and emotionally in your daily vinyasa practice.
This series draws on lessons from Yoga Philosophy, mindset and behavior coaching, and exercise and movement science to offer challenge and insight to expand your mat practice from mere exercise into a daily ritual for body, mind, and soul.

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Deepen Your Flow
  • Julia Marie: Advanced Asana - Firefly Pose

    Episode 1

    Firefly is a pose that sounds sweet but packs a big punch. This sequence will emphasize forward folding and hamstring lengthening along with the foundational skills of arm balance to help you spread your firefly wings. As always your practice will offer you what you need whether or not your toes ...

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Asana - King Pigeon

    Episode 2

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Poses - Elephant Trunk

    Episode 3

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Asana - Yoga Flow For Side Plank

    Episode 4

    This video is an all over body experience! Working through different plank variations you will build strength and mobility, open your chest and stabilize the shoulders, as well as develop a deep connection with your hips and midsection. Challenge your entire body, commit your mind, and work hard...

  • Julia Marie : Advanced Asana - Hurdler Flow

    Episode 5

    Have you ever wanted to advance your physical practice to include arm balances and other complicated poses? This video will stand on its own but will also incorporate skills and drills to leave you feeling stronger and more prepared for arm balances like hurdler. Some yoga experience is beneficia.l

  • Julia Marie : Daily Dose - Backbend Flow for Wheel

    Episode 6

    Have you been feeling sluggish? Look no further than this back bend flow. Explore postures that extend your spine and open the front line of your body. We invite you to try on new variations or fun modifications to tailor your back bend practice. Let the endorphins flow!

  • Julia Marie: Advanced Poses - Crow Flow

    Episode 7

    Ready to tackle more intense poses? This series combines flows as well as skills & drills videos to help you build the mobility and strength required in the arm balances and inversions presented in this series. To kick off we begin with Crow.