5 Day Element Meditation with Andrea

5 Day Element Meditation with Andrea

5 Episodes

Tune into the energy and inspiration of the elements and take on the quality that each provides in your meditation. Andrea leads you though a 5-part series that can kick off a habit of meditation for you and help you tune into the natural parts of yourself that are ready to shine.

Meditation is shown to improve mental clarity, and focus. It also can support a positive mood, and help you feel more resilient and relaxed in every day life. All meditation practices are personal. Take your time to ease into meditation without any expectation or pressure. Let your time in meditation be fully supportive of your life, your goals, and your agenda. Let meditation be your personal super tool for mental ease.

5 Day Element Meditation with Andrea
  • Andrea : Earth Meditation

    Episode 1

    Reconnect with yourself and nature through Andrea's element focused meditations. In this first class you will focus on the element of Earth. Andrea will guide you through a quiet wood. You will leave feeling grounded, still, and calm.

  • Andrea : Water Meditation

    Episode 2

    Reconnect with yourself and nature in the second video in Andrea's element meditation series. Float on serene waters as you focus on softening, compassion, and letting go of what no longer serves you. Have a glass of water nearby to bring the physical element of water into your meditation.

  • Andrea : Fire Meditation

    Episode 3

    Build warmth and ignite your passion with this transformative fire focused meditation. Andrea ask that you have candle, lit fireplace, or even a video of a fire in the background.

  • Andrea : Air Meditation

    Episode 4

    The element of air encourages us to focus on movement and change. Andrea will help you feel light and refreshed in this breath focus meditation. Sit outside, open a window, or turn on a fan and allow yourself to be swept away into your breath and the air.

  • Andrea : Unity Meditation

    Episode 5

    Andrea wraps up her element series with unity meditation. The spirit/ether element connects us to nature and each other, it is found in all things. In this meditation you will center and unify.