5 Seasons

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  • Deep Release: MFR for SI Joints with Evelyn

    Episode 1

    Break up tension at the back of the hip. This area of the body takes on so much during the day. Roll it out with Evelyn and feel your bum, hips, and back melt into greater ease.

  • Deep Release: MFR for feet with Evelyn

    Episode 2

    MFR to help combat arthritis and plantar fasciitis and improve balance.
    Rolling your tootsies can help your whole body feel better! Let Evelyn show you how.

  • Deep Release: MFR for head & neck with evelyn

    Episode 3

    Relieve tension due to headaches and release tight spots at the back of the neck.

  • Deep Release: MFR for hands & wrists with Evelyn

    Episode 4

    Helps relieve carpal tunnel issues and prepare for weight bearing poses.

  • Deep Release: MFR for shoulders with Evelyn

    Episode 5

    Myofascial release to release tension in the muscles of the upper shoulder, traps and supraspinatus.

  • Evelyn -Yoga For Beginners: Celebration

    Episode 6

    You did it! In this class Evelyn leads you through a celebrate class! Put all that you have learned into action and take stock in how find you've come in your yoga journey.

  • Evelyn - Yoga For Beginners: Balances II

    Episode 7

    Continue on your balancing journey with Evelyn. Go deeper into understanding your balance in stillness and in movements. This will help you feel more graceful, confident and skilled in your Yoga practice.

  • Evelyn - Yoga For Beginners: Triangles

    Episode 8

    Triangles are a tricky pose for even seasoned practitioners, but Evelyn takes you through a flow that will prepare your legs, hips and spine for variations of Triangle and Revolve Triangle. She also introduces ways you can prop your triangles to customize the pose for your body and get more out o...

  • Evelyn - Yoga For Beginners: Hip Mobility

    Episode 9

    The hips are a complex joint and we usually don't pay much attention to how they are feeling, unless they hurt! Evelyn helps you navigate postures that require a greater range of motion in the hip so that you can feel more satisfied in stretching postures, and feel more in control of your own hip...

  • Evelyn - Yoga For Beginners: Breathing With Movement

    Episode 10

    Connecting the breath with your movement and your stretches helps you feel like youre really in the flow of your Yoga practice. Proper breathwork also creates more control and stability, minimize pain, and can prevent injury. Learn to make your breath the most valuable tool of your movement pract...

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 10

    Episode 11

    Head home with Evelyn and continue your journey into flow. This class will challenge your balance and coordination! This is one of the most important skills you can develop to stay both safe and increase your athleticism on the mat.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 7

    Episode 12

    Yesterday you took a closer look at your back line, now it's all about opening the front! Head home to Evelyn's house as she guides you through a class that will unlock the mysteries of backbends. Benefit from a stronger spine, more open chest and shoulders, and

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 8

    Episode 13

    Twist it out! Your spine will feel great after you learn better mechanics for twisting. This basics class will help you feel more powerful in your sideline and obliques.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 9

    Episode 14

    Put together all of the concepts you have learned so far for a class that increases challenge and leaves you feeling super accomplished in your body and calm in your mind.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 6

    Episode 15

    Your hamstrings will thank you as Evelyn takes you through a sequence that targets your hamstrings and your backside. If flexibility is something you have always felt was missing, Evelyn's approach to building greater mobility is will unlock spaces that have been tight for years.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 5

    Episode 16

    Continue on your Warrior journey with Evelyn from her home. This class will help you discover warrior poses that challenge the hips in new ways! Soak up the benefit of working the largest muscles in your body, and bringing more mobility to your hip joints.

  • Evelyn at Home : Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 4

    Episode 17

    Keep moving on your journey of flow and incorporate Warrior poses! These poses will help you feel strong, confidence, and require stamina and endurance. Evelyn welcomes you back into her home to learn postures that make you feel like a total Warrior!

  • Evelyn at Home : Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 3

    Episode 18

    Lunges are a foundational part of building heat and strength in a Vinyasa Yoga class. Join Evelyn in her home to learn new challenging but accessible postures with zero intimidation, and a lot of fun. Benefit from Evelyns expert guidance to understand what's working in your body to get the most o...

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 1

    Episode 19

    Tune in with Evelyn (from her home in South Korea!) and is perfect for anyone who is interested in getting started with Flow.

  • Evelyn at Home : Yoga For Total Beginners - Part 2

    Episode 20

    Cozy up with Evelyn inside her home in South Korea and get warm with Sun Salutations. This is a foundational sequence of postures that set the stage for any vinyasa yoga class.

  • Evelyn at Home: Focused Sideline MyoFlow

    Episode 21

    We are so excited to welcome Evelyn back after her big move! Flow with her as she moves you through calming breath work and balance postures.

  • Myo Flow Quads & Backbends

    Episode 22

    Grab a therapy round or even just a simple tennis ball. This flow with Evelyn offers a highly effective approach to releasing the body and increasing your athletic abilities in poses.

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Shoulders

    Episode 23

    Flowing in a small space or apartment? Evelyn welcomes you into her home to show you how to navigate small spaces. And, in this class you will target the ever important aspect of a healthy flow, strong, stable shoulders. This go-to class for anyone who has experienced shoulder pain during flow c...

  • Evelyn at Home: Yoga For Small Spaces - Hamstrings

    Episode 24

    Flowing in a small room or apartment? That doesnt' mean your practice has to suffer. Evelyn has got you covered with a creative class that targets your hamstrings. And if you've been feeling unflexible, tight, or just plain uncomfortable in your backside, this class is a must-do for you.