Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow
  • Julia Marie:: Audio Only: Hip-Focused Power Flow

    Love a good podcast? What about an audio class that offers you a moving meditation. This intermediate power flow class is easy to follow along without the use of a screen.

    Move through sun salutations, warriors, and extra time spent in poses that strengthen and then release your hips.

  • Shoulder Stability With Vanessa

    1 season

  • Julia: Motivational Free-Flow

    This 30 Minute class focuses on a building flow that stops to soak in the challenge in select arm balances. There will be a lot of down dogs, flip dogs, and different ways to transition from the ground to standing.

    Your mind and body will stay strong, focused, and motivated to keep the flow goi...

  • Maria: Slow Burn - Core

    Your core is your powerhouse, it supports the movement of your arms and legs, and helps stabilize your spine. Tap into that control with this slow, but strong flow.

    In this class you will explore powerhouse poses including Navasana (boat pose), variations of Vasisthasana (side plank), Utthita Pa...

  • Maria: Slow Burn - Balance Flow

    Build stability, control, and confidence in single leg balance. This slow flow will challenge your focus, stamina, and strength in the best ways possible!

    You will explore postures including: variations on Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge), Virabharasana (Warrior), and Eka Hasta Pandangustasana (Han...

  • Chill Flow

    1 season

  • PowerFix with Suzie

    4 seasons

    Power Yoga is an athletic style of vinyasa yoga that prioritizes strengthening the body in Sun Salutes, Warrior Postures, Standing Balances, and deeper work for the hips and spine. Suzie brings this style of yoga to almost every class she teaches allowing you to find some elements of familiarity ...

  • Deepen Your Flow

    2 seasons

    In this series Julia teaches you how to find greater benefit physically but also mentally and emotionally in your daily vinyasa practice.
    This series draws on lessons from Yoga Philosophy, mindset and behavior coaching, and exercise and movement science to offer challenge and insight to expand yo...

  • Daily Dose : 31 Days of Advanced Flow, Fitness & Meditation with Julia Marie

    1 season

    Make movement and meditation part of your daily life with Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Meditation Guide, Julia Marie Lopez.

  • Better Backbends with Maria

    1 season

  • Yoga for Beginners with Evelyn at Home

    15 videos

  • Yoga Flow for Small Spaces

    5 videos

    This 5 part series targets a different area of the body while also offering a comprehensive flow. Best of all, Evelyn does it from a small room in her apartment letting everyone at home know that you can get a great movement routine in, without a huge home studio.

  • Julia Marie: Balance Challenge Flow

    Challenge Your Balance with a flow with Julia Marie.

  • Suzie: Slow Down & Sizzle

    On day four Suzie will lead you through a 50 min slow flow where you will spend time exploring each pose with added sizzle.

  • Suzie: Warrior Within Flow

    Suzie leads you through a Foundational Power Flow that introduces poses that stimulates the warrior within.

  • Julia Marie: High Intensity Flow

    Kick off Day One of the 30 Day Body Ritual Challenge with Julia Marie. She will lead you through a combo of yoga flow, body weight strength training and cardio.

  • Maria: Chill Flow For Tight Hips

    Join Maria for this low key chill flow that will both strengthen and release your hips. This is a great class to cross-train for runners or cyclists, or to simply enjoy all on its own!

  • Maria: Chill Flow For A Good Morning

    Start your day with this invigorating chill flow with Maria that will get your body and mind ready to take on whatever comes your way!

  • Julia Marie : Deepen Your Flow - Around the World Flow

    It's time to expand and if you've been, for any reason, feeling closed in or playing small, this practice helps you get BIG and take up more space.

  • Julie S : Flow and Meditation - Get Better Sleep

    Julie guides you through a slow, relaxed flow followed by a guided meditation for a better, more restful sleep

  • Julie S : Slow Flow + Restore for Stress Management

    Join Julie for an easy going flow that will allow you to drop into your body so that you can find deep relaxation.

  • Lisa : Hands Free Flow

  • Vanessa : Aligned Flow - Extend Your Spine

    No circus tricks in this one! Use your abs and your glutes to support your backbends, and find for freedom in your front body!

  • Vanessa : Jump For Joy