Good Morning Wake Up

Good Morning Wake Up

5 Episodes

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Good Morning Wake Up
  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Hip Opening Flow

    Episode 1

    The hips are huge joints affecting body and our soul. They store tension, emotion, and are key to our ability to feel both stable and flexible. Hips are also important players in our root, sacral, and power centers. In short - there is a lot going on!

    Wake up your body for the weekday or the we...

  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Flow For Stability

    Episode 2

    Olivia focuses on core strength and stability in this Wake Up Flow. Firm up your side planks, stabilize your shoulders, and build heat head-to-toe in this 20 minute practice.

  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Twist & Flow

    Episode 3

  • Olivia: Wake Up With Olivia - Hamstring Length & Stretch

    Episode 4

    This power-inspired flow is a perfect way to wake up! Begin with a dynamic warm-up, then explore poses that offer a stretch to your hamstrings and entire backline.

    This flow includes postures like half-splits (ardha hanumanasana), variation on pyramind pose (parsvottanasana), and lizard lunge ...

  • Olivia: Good Morning Wake Up - Heart Opening Flow

    Episode 5

    Take on backbends and chest openers to relieve tension and revive your emotional center.

    This class is great for all-levels. A bolster or pillow may help with backbending postures.