3 Seasons

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  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body Flow 2.0

    Episode 1

    Big range of motion and funky transitions that challenge balance and coordination are on deck with this flow.

    Get familiar with Standing Split variations, malasana (garland pose) hops and squats, big balance transitions, and side plank drills.

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body Flow 2.0

    Episode 2

    Shoulders don't need to be complicated. This intermediate-advanced flow builds with intelligence and fun to build strength and range of motion in your shoulders. Plus you'll feel powerfully open and bright once you're done!

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body HIIT

    Episode 3

    Build a stronger body with Lynn! Lower body banded hiit is on deck!

    This workout can be done with Practice Bands or no equipment at all. This quick workout stokes the fire in your lower body muscles and turns up the intensity on your cardio!

    Level up or down as necessary, and Lynn will give you...

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body HIIT

    Episode 4

    Target your shoulders, arms, and chest with this class. Lynn will get your arms, shoulders, and back with a interval based workout. Weights & bands are recommended. Use challenging weights and drop-down to no weights whenever necessary.

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body Flow

    Episode 5

    This leg, glute, and hip focus flow incorporates a steamy flow including warriors, lunges, and funky variations in skandasana (lateral lunge), curtsy lunges, utkata konasana (goddess), and ardha chandrasana (half moon).

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body Flow

    Episode 6

    Explore heart-centered variations in this intermediate-advanced flow. The pace is steady inviting you to feel powerfully aware of your chest, shoulders, and upper back.

    This area of the body is connected to our ability to feel open and confident. Tune into your inner resource and your inner wisd...

  • Lynn: Banded Sculpt & Flow

    Episode 7

    Work every inch with bands and weights. Lynn is a personal trainer and yoga instructor who combines her favorite disciplines for this small equipment big sweat workout.

  • Julia: Well Rounded Honest Flow

    Episode 8

    Join Julia for an Honest Flow that incorporates a well-timed rise and fall of energy allowing you to warm and strengthen your major muscles and joints, move energy, and relax with ease.

    This is an intermediate class with plenty of options to enhance or reduce intensity depending your preference....

  • Julia: Transform Flow

    Episode 9

    Get out of your head and into your body with a fun and funky Transform flow.

    Many of the transitions in this class require dynamic balance and boatloads of stability. This class features transitions that explore large range of motion and take up a lot of space on the mat. To prepare this flow he...

  • Julia: Peace Retreat Evening Class

    Episode 10

    This intermediate pranic flow with creative sequencing that encourages attention and intention was filmed in Costa Rica. This class has strong elements of core, hip work, breath, and a lengthy savasana to clear your mind. Birds, the sounds of the retreat center, and your PE crew make this an imme...

  • Julia: Peace Retreat Morning Class

    Episode 11

    This is a full class complete with the sounds of our favorite retreat center in Costa Rica.

  • Magenta: Prana Vinyasa Flow

    Episode 12

  • NEW! Hannah: Endurance Flow - Full Body Balance

    Episode 13

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow V

    Episode 14

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Knee Friendly

    Episode 15

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 30 - Celebration Flow

    Episode 16

    30 Minutes of Athletic Flow focusing Cardio, Controlled Length, and Big Movements. Celebrate the end of this challenge, and look forward to continuing a ritual of movement and meditation everyday!

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 17 - Goddess Moon Flow

    Episode 17

    This class features hippy moves including Goddess, Half Moon and related poses. A block can come in handy as you take your controlled range of motion deeper. Rely on your steady breath to help you stabilize through challenging balances.

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 4 - Head-to-Toe-Sizzle

    Episode 18

    In this sizzle flow you will build heat holding poses for an extra few breaths. The isometric work in this flow supports joint stability and deep core strength.

    Suzie will move you through yoga-inspired pose favorite including Cobras, Warriors, and Goddess, along with lateral lunges and step-ba...

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow

    Episode 19

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Flow II

    Episode 20

  • Jess: Athletic Flow - Balance

    Episode 21

  • Jess: Athletic Flow - Deep Hip Opening

    Episode 22

    This class is a challenging flow that offers more love for your hips. You'll flow through poses like lizard lunge (Utthan Pristhasana), surfer lunge (Skandasana), extended side angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana) with agility and skill. End class with a long hold in half pigeon (aka panda rajakapotasa...

  • Suzie: Radiate your Power - Twists

    Episode 23

    Twists offer an opportunity to challenge the physical body from toe-tip to finger tip, and requires a combination of strength, mobility, and coordination.

    Let your mind focus on the full-body cooperation to uncover not only an opportunity to stay present, but the challenge to observe and honor ...

  • Suzie: Radiate your Power - Root Down

    Episode 24

    A quick flow focused on warriors, standing poses, and feeling strong in the lower body.

    This is a simple but intense experience great for people with some power yoga experience.