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"I want everyone to discover the joy and inner strength that can come from daily physical exercise combined with meditation. Diving into the physical and energetic aspects of Yoga completely changed my life." - Jess

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  • Jess: Athletic Flow - Balance

    Episode 1

  • Jess: Athletic Flow - Deep Hip Opening

    Episode 2

    This class is a challenging flow that offers more love for your hips. You'll flow through poses like lizard lunge (Utthan Pristhasana), surfer lunge (Skandasana), extended side angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana) with agility and skill. End class with a long hold in half pigeon (aka panda rajakapotasa...

  • R&G Recovery Flow 3 With Jess

    Episode 3

    These beautiful recovery flows are essential for your progress in this program. Don't skip it. Tune in and love on your bod!

  • R&G Push: Core Cardio With Jess

    Episode 4

    Your core is more than your abs, but your abs are going to get a good workout too in this core-cardio class.

    Build a sweat and enjoy the burn. If you are still mastering boat pose, bicycle crunches, twisting with ease, or the c-curve spine position check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Push: Back Body & Weights With Jess

    Episode 5

    This takes your push & pull to a new functional level added in balancing, changes in your base of support, and combination movements that require your full-body attention.

    If you are still mastering skills like rows, curls, and shoulder presses check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Push: Push & Pull With Jess

    Episode 6

    Pushing and pulling are essential for any everyday athlete. Kick it up a notch in this build-week workout!

    You will find things like shoulder presses, rows, curls and more. This is an intermediate workout. If you are still mastering these skills check out the basic version of this class.

  • Jess : Energizing Flow

    Episode 7

  • R&G Build: Back Body + Weights With Jess

    Episode 8

    A strong backline makes everything from walking to lifting weights a safer and more comfortable experience. Stimulate your hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles in this weighted circuit workout.

    Exercises in this workout build upon each other for a strong burn and a workout that packs some punc...

  • Get Up and Glow Cardio with Jess

    Episode 9

    This zippy 45 Minute class starts with a dynamic flow warm-up which leads into a low-impact but high energy cardio blocks. Boost your mood and your metabolism with this class that is perfect for your midday break.

  • R&G Basic: EMOM Core Cardio w/ Jess

    Episode 10

    BASIC Week: Day 3

    Every minute on the minute Jess will have you switching it up with a new challenging move that stimulates deep core stabilization. This workout is designed to keep you moving the entire time for added cardio benefits.

    You are guaranteed to feel proud at the end of this one, a...

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Cardio Party

    Episode 11

    Let's get this {cardio} party started! Join Jess for a quick but effective cardio blast!

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Crunch Free Core

    Episode 12

    Jess rocks your core without taking you through a single crunch in this short and sweet workout

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Chest & Shoulders

    Episode 13

    Target your upper body in this quick body weight based workout with Jess

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Ab Blast

    Episode 14

    Short on time? Join Jess for this super short and spicy Ab blast!

  • Jess : Fit In 15 - Back Body Burn

    Episode 15

    Challenge your back, glutes and hamstrings in this quick workout with Jess.

  • Jess : Self Kindness Meditation

    Episode 16

    Guided meditation geared towards building your capacity for love for yourself and others

  • Jess: Reacher for Greater Meditation

    Episode 17

    Jess' meditation for ascension invites you to shed your limitations and step into your greatest possible version of yourself

  • Jess: Grounding Meditation

    Episode 18

    Great for meditation beginners, Jess takes you through this simple but helpful grounding meditation to bring you back to the present moment

  • Jess: Tension Release Meditation

    Episode 19

    Shift your perspective and shed unnecessary stress with this tension relieving meditation

  • R&G Push: Legs & Booty Burn With Jess

    Episode 20

    Your metabolic burners are your legs, thighs, and hip muscles. When your work your quads, hammier, and glutes you rev your metabolism, support your posture, and find more comfort in every activity.

    This is an intermediate to advanced workout that builds upon the basic foundation of good squat, ...

  • R&G Push: Upper Body Sculpt With Jess

    Episode 21

  • Jess Spence: Banded Body - Booty Blast!

    Episode 22

    Glute-targeted single banded workout with Jess

  • Jess - Banded Blast: Essentials

    Episode 23

    Jess breaks down the essentials of working with resistance bands

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Sculpted Shoulders

    Episode 24

    Grab a mini band for this short, spicy, shoulder workout. You will learn about how to find better stability for your shoulders. Sculpted shoulders are something people ask a lot about, but having strong shoulders is so much more than feeling confident in tank tops. A stable shoulder girdle also ...