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Jess: Athletic Flow - Balance


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  • Jess: Athletic Flow - Deep Hip Opening

    This class is a challenging flow that offers more love for your hips. You'll flow through poses like lizard lunge (Utthan Pristhasana), surfer lunge (Skandasana), extended side angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana) with agility and skill. End class with a long hold in half pigeon (aka panda rajakapotasa...

  • R&G Recovery Flow 3 With Jess

    These beautiful recovery flows are essential for your progress in this program. Don't skip it. Tune in and love on your bod!

  • R&G Push: Core Cardio With Jess

    Your core is more than your abs, but your abs are going to get a good workout too in this core-cardio class.

    Build a sweat and enjoy the burn. If you are still mastering boat pose, bicycle crunches, twisting with ease, or the c-curve spine position check out the basic version of this class.