5 Seasons

"I want everyone to discover the joy and inner strength that can come from daily physical exercise combined with meditation. Diving into the physical and energetic aspects of Yoga completely changed my life." - Jess

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  • Jess Spence: Banded Body - Booty Blast!

    Episode 1

    Glute-targeted single banded workout with Jess

  • Jess - Banded Blast: Essentials

    Episode 2

    Jess breaks down the essentials of working with resistance bands

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Sculpted Shoulders

    Episode 3

    Grab a mini band for this short, spicy, shoulder workout. You will learn about how to find better stability for your shoulders. Sculpted shoulders are something people ask a lot about, but having strong shoulders is so much more than feeling confident in tank tops. A stable shoulder girdle also ...

  • Jess : Banded Blast - Full Body

    Episode 4

    Using only mini bands, Jess tackles your abs, legs, and arms in one short and sweaty workout

  • Jess: Banded Blast: Hips & Thighs

    Episode 5

    This workout is best with a band, but can totally be done without a band. And as Jess says, "It's spicy!" Get your legs ready!

  • Jess: Banded Blast - Back Body

    Episode 6

    Use a mini band and get ready to work your back in this workout targeting the muscles in your back body