Julia Marie

Julia Marie

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"Yoga gave me a new lens for personal empowerment through accountability and compassion. I share that in my classes and training. The only person responsible for your life is you. And, what beautiful gift it is to be alive!" - Julia

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Julia Marie
  • Julia: Arm Sculpt

    Episode 1

    This 25m upper body workout brings the heat!
    Julia will guide you through a workout that uses bodyweight, dumbbells, and the wall to sculpt your chest, arms, shoulders, and back. You may enjoy having a couple weight options or no weights at all - but whatever you do, keep moving! You'll feel str...

  • Julia: Core Sculpt

    Episode 2

  • Julia: Well Rounded Honest Flow

    Episode 3

    Join Julia for an Honest Flow that incorporates a well-timed rise and fall of energy allowing you to warm and strengthen your major muscles and joints, move energy, and relax with ease.

    This is an intermediate class with plenty of options to enhance or reduce intensity depending your preference....

  • Julia: Transform Flow

    Episode 4

    Get out of your head and into your body with a fun and funky Transform flow.

    Many of the transitions in this class require dynamic balance and boatloads of stability. This class features transitions that explore large range of motion and take up a lot of space on the mat. To prepare this flow he...

  • Julia: Peace Retreat Morning Class

    Episode 5

    This is a full class complete with the sounds of our favorite retreat center in Costa Rica.

  • Julia: Peace Retreat - Sun Salutes

    Episode 6

    This will include both a lot of repetition as well as new variations for Sun Salutations to set your day the right way.

  • Julia: Peace Retreat Evening Class

    Episode 7

    This intermediate pranic flow with creative sequencing that encourages attention and intention was filmed in Costa Rica. This class has strong elements of core, hip work, breath, and a lengthy savasana to clear your mind. Birds, the sounds of the retreat center, and your PE crew make this an imme...

  • Julia: Peace Retreat Low Flow

    Episode 8

  • NEW! Julia: Big Burner Circuit

    Episode 9

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 30 - Celebration Flow

    Episode 10

    30 Minutes of Athletic Flow focusing Cardio, Controlled Length, and Big Movements. Celebrate the end of this challenge, and look forward to continuing a ritual of movement and meditation everyday!

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 22 - Fluidity & Strength

    Episode 11

    This add-on flow and that holds the next new landmark pose in the flow. The shift between flow and holds encourages a stronger body and focused mind.

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 17 - Goddess Moon Flow

    Episode 12

    This class features hippy moves including Goddess, Half Moon and related poses. A block can come in handy as you take your controlled range of motion deeper. Rely on your steady breath to help you stabilize through challenging balances.

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 14 - Core Control Level 2

    Episode 13

    20 Minutes of core control that will challenge your deep stabilization system. Don't let the timestamp fool you, this ultra quick workout will rev you way up and it will be sure to be a class you save and return to time and time again.

    This class feature table top work, belly-up pilates inspire...

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 7 - Core Control from the Mat

    Episode 14

    Build a belly burn with isometric core moves including plank work, beast pose variations, and belly-up block work. You'll work through progressively less stable postures challenging your body to lock into deeper control. Bye bye boring crunches - this core workout takes it up to a new level.

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 6 - Twisty Transition Flow

    Episode 15

    This athletic flow focuses on side bends and twists. This class features twisting and side bending repetition to strengthen your obliques while also powering up the legs, Build heat with continuous movement, and challenge your breath to keep you steady and calm for a quick 30 minute flow.

    This ...

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 1 - Fire Up Cardio-Flow

    Episode 16

    30 Minutes of Spine Strengthening Flow focusing on Sun Salutes & Core Stability.

    This class increases your heart rate and offers additional conditioning exercises including chair squats, lateral chair taps, dancing warriors, side plank, and ends with additional core work to get your belly burnin...

  • Julia: Deep Hip Release

    Episode 17

    Move through dynamic (moving) releases as well as longer-held stretches to target inner and outer hips, low back, and deep muscle tension.

    This is a perfect class for recovery days, or to tack on to the end of a cardio or strength session, long run, or cycling class.

  • Julia: 10x10 Squats

    Episode 18

    1 minute per squat type followed by a rest interval.
    Build it up and don't stop!
    Go get it!

  • Julia : 10 x 10 Cardio Burst

    Episode 19

    10 moves in 20 minutes. Get your heart rate up! No equipment required.

  • Julia : Intermediate Transition Flow

    Episode 20

    This intermediate practice incorporates flowing balancing transitions that challenge core stability, focus, and cultivates body awareness.

  • Julia Marie: Deepen Your Flow - Breath of Fire Energizing Flow

    Episode 21

  • Julia: 10x10 Upper Body Workout

    Episode 22

  • Julia: 10x10 core workout with julia

    Episode 23

  • Julia: Around The World Energy Flow

    Episode 24

    Go BIG with your energy and fill up a room with your breath, your vibration, and your focus. Work all corners of the mat with a flow that works with repetition and building intensity.

    This sequence features poses that encourage both dynamic and static balance, challenge mobility and demands foc...