Julia Marie

Julia Marie

6 Seasons

"Yoga gave me a new lens for personal empowerment through accountability and compassion. I share that in my classes and training. The only person responsible for your life is you. And, what beautiful gift it is to be alive!" - Julia

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Julia Marie
  • Julia: Arm Sculpt

    Episode 1

    This 25m upper body workout brings the heat!
    Julia will guide you through a workout that uses bodyweight, dumbbells, and the wall to sculpt your chest, arms, shoulders, and back. You may enjoy having a couple weight options or no weights at all - but whatever you do, keep moving! You'll feel str...

  • Julia: Core Sculpt

    Episode 2

  • NEW! Julia: Big Burner Circuit

    Episode 3

  • Julia: 10x10 core workout with julia

    Episode 4

  • Julia Marie: Get Fit - Shoulders & Upper Back Burn

    Episode 5

    Sculpt your shoulders and stabilize your upper back and core, with a workout that will leave you feeling strong, and balance your upper body.

  • Julia Marie : Core Blast - Obliques & Sideline

    Episode 6

    Burn your belly and develop a more stable and healthy spine. Julia will prepare you for more challenging flows and workouts. This workout will convince you that core work is more than just your abs. Be prepared to feel the good kind of sore tomorrow! Workout can be done with or without weights.

  • Julia Marie: 30 Minute Shoulder Sculpt

    Episode 7

    30 MINUTES - Conditioning class will focus on building strong, stable shoulders and upper back for happier flows and better posture! You'll balance out your upper body with dumbbell and body-weight moves. By the end of class you'll feel a little stronger, and stand a little taller.

  • Julia Marie : Get Fit - Total Body Blast

    Episode 8

    This is a quick workout that includes strength training and gets your heart rate up. Hand weights are recommended but not required. To increase the challenge, grab a heavier set of weights.