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  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body Flow 2.0

    Episode 1

    Big range of motion and funky transitions that challenge balance and coordination are on deck with this flow.

    Get familiar with Standing Split variations, malasana (garland pose) hops and squats, big balance transitions, and side plank drills.

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body HIIT 2.0

    Episode 2

    This is big volume workout in a short amount of time.

    Your legs will be noodles by the end of this workout. Explore hip strengthening, cardio-blasting moves with Lynn.

    Ramp up with big plyo moves, or take modifications that meet your needs. Rest when you need it, but don't stop!

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body Flow 2.0

    Episode 3

    Shoulders don't need to be complicated. This intermediate-advanced flow builds with intelligence and fun to build strength and range of motion in your shoulders. Plus you'll feel powerfully open and bright once you're done!

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body HIIT 2.0

    Episode 4

    Grab weights, and a bowl full of hell yes. This class burns it out with combination moves, power-pushes, and cardio bursts!

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body HIIT

    Episode 5

    Build a stronger body with Lynn! Lower body banded hiit is on deck!

    This workout can be done with Practice Bands or no equipment at all. This quick workout stokes the fire in your lower body muscles and turns up the intensity on your cardio!

    Level up or down as necessary, and Lynn will give you...

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body HIIT

    Episode 6

    Target your shoulders, arms, and chest with this class. Lynn will get your arms, shoulders, and back with a interval based workout. Weights & bands are recommended. Use challenging weights and drop-down to no weights whenever necessary.

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Lower Body Flow

    Episode 7

    This leg, glute, and hip focus flow incorporates a steamy flow including warriors, lunges, and funky variations in skandasana (lateral lunge), curtsy lunges, utkata konasana (goddess), and ardha chandrasana (half moon).

  • Lynn: Build A Stronger Body - Upper Body Flow

    Episode 8

    Explore heart-centered variations in this intermediate-advanced flow. The pace is steady inviting you to feel powerfully aware of your chest, shoulders, and upper back.

    This area of the body is connected to our ability to feel open and confident. Tune into your inner resource and your inner wisd...

  • Lynn: Banded Sculpt & Flow

    Episode 9

    Work every inch with bands and weights. Lynn is a personal trainer and yoga instructor who combines her favorite disciplines for this small equipment big sweat workout.

  • Lynn: Advanced Heart Opening Flow

    Episode 10

    Dancer & Wheel are on deck for this class using blocks and a strap. This class can be leveled down to assisted dancer and bridge poses, or leveled up with advanced variations. Listen to your body and have fun with Lynn!

    If you're in need of yoga blocks try the new Practice Everywhere cork blocks...

  • Lynn: Workouts For Busy People - Block & Bands

    Episode 11

  • Lynn: Beginner Heart Opening Flow

    Episode 12

  • Lynn: Block Party Core Flow

    Episode 13

  • NEW! Lynn: Workouts For Busy People 2.0

    Episode 14

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow V

    Episode 15

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Knee Friendly

    Episode 16

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Legs & Glutes

    Episode 17

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow

    Episode 18

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Flow II

    Episode 19

  • Lynn: Sculpt & Flow - Flow III

    Episode 20

    If you love vinyasa classes, and you also want to incorporate strength training, this class is for you!

    Grab light dumbbells and your mat and get flowing with Lynn.

    Lynn is a yoga teacher, studio owner, and personal trainer based out of Northwest Arkansas. Check out Yoga Story of Northwest Ark...

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 5 - 30 Minute Restore & Meditation

    Episode 21

    Hip Flexor, Inner Thighs, Chest & Hamstring Focus (front line, back line) release in this class is the perfect counterbalance to leg focused workouts, sore muscles, and offers the body-mind balance needed for a well-rounded weekly routine.

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 21 - Open Heart Recovery Flow

    Episode 22

    All that flow can leave your shoulders and chest sore. This heart-opening recovery class focuses on poses that open the front line of your body, and relax your shoulders. Have two blocks or a bolster (or a thick pillow) handy.

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 16 - Recovery Flow

    Episode 23

    This class is all about moving out soreness from previous workouts and helps you sink into a calm, mental release. Key Poses in this class including supported Bridge (grab a block!), Standing Forward Fold, Reclining Figure 4 or Shoelace Pose, Scorpion Stretch, Happy Baby, and Legs up the Wall.

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 27 - Inversion Flow

    Episode 24

    Get ready for dolphin or headstand in this inversion flow that will prepare your shoulder, core, and hip flexors for the work necessary to get your hips over your shoulders. Blocks can be helpful. Inversions are not recommended for all people or at all times, so listen to your body and modify an...