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Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 21 - Open Heart Recovery Flow


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  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 16 - Recovery Flow

    This class is all about moving out soreness from previous workouts and helps you sink into a calm, mental release. Key Poses in this class including supported Bridge (grab a block!), Standing Forward Fold, Reclining Figure 4 or Shoelace Pose, Scorpion Stretch, Happy Baby, and Legs up the Wall.

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 27 - Inversion Flow

    Get ready for dolphin or headstand in this inversion flow that will prepare your shoulder, core, and hip flexors for the work necessary to get your hips over your shoulders. Blocks can be helpful. Inversions are not recommended for all people or at all times, so listen to your body and modify an...

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 11 - Cardio Flow

    Join Lynn for 30 Minutes of Flow and Conditioning that will challenge your heart-rate and athleticism.

    Commit to the whole practice, take modifications when needed but don't quit!