Meditate & Restore with Julia Marie

Meditate & Restore with Julia Marie

2 Seasons

Julia Marie guides you through meditations rooted in the wisdom of Yoga for modern daily living. Through meditation will explore breathwork, mindset, compassion, and personal inquiry.

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Meditate & Restore with Julia Marie
  • Gentle Yoga, Mantra & Meditation with Julia Marie

    Episode 1

    This is a great class for anyone looking for an ultra chill movement pratice that is easy on the wrist, knees, and shoulders, as well as for anyone who brand new to mind-body practices. Move through a gentle yoga practice that incorporates gentle mobility exercises, breathwork, and artful repetit...

  • Julia Marie: Yin & Restore for Hips & Low Back

    Episode 2

    Keep it going with a Rest day! Join Julia Marie for her restorative yoga favorites + meditation.

  • Julia Marie: Yin & Restore for Side Body

    Episode 3

    This reset class utilizes gentle dynamic stretch along with Yin yoga to bring relief to the body and mind. This class focuses on the side bends and twists. Grab a block, bolster or rolled towel. Music featured in this reset class is by DJ Taz Rashid and Srikalogy.