8 Episodes

If comedy and yoga had a baby you might get Molly. Join her for some joy on the mat.

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  • Molly : Beginners - Balance Flow

    Episode 1

  • Molly : Meditation For Focus

    Episode 2

    Start your day with a more clear and focused mindset by attending to your needs and incorporating positive, affirming mantra with steadiness and breath.

  • Molly : Flow & Restore - UnFrazzle Your Mind

    Episode 3

    Reclaim your day with a focused flow & restore with Molly. Feel the benefits of moving meditation with a transition-focused flow that harness brain-body connection, followed by restorative poses that soothe the nervous system.

  • Molly : Flow & Restore - Gentle Twisting

    Episode 4

    Join Molly in her Flow & Restore series. This class guides you through a moving meditation that features twists and sidebends to open up space in the body, promote spinal health, and rinse out. After flowing cozy up with a restorative approach to twists. Bolster or pillow is recommended for pract...

  • Molly : Beginning Flow - Motivation Flow

    Episode 5

    Take a break and flow with me! Quick light hearted yoga session to get you through the rest of the day!

  • Molly: Flow & Restore - Heart Opening

    Episode 6

    Boost your mood, strengthen and lengthen your spine in flow, then settle in to restorative postures focusing on the heart line. This class will leave you feeling calm, happy, and centered.

  • Molly: Chill Flow and Restore

    Episode 7

    Molly keeps it real with a lowkey flow followed by a chill relaxing restorative session.

  • Molly: Meditation - Self Love

    Episode 8

    Molly keeps it real with a guided meditation that she uses in her own life when negative thoughts begin crowd her mind.This meditation works with heart-centered affirmations to quiet the inner critic and cultivate a sense of self appreciation and love.