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  • Summer Mash Up

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  • Stretch It Out

    1 season

  • Flow & HIIT with Hannah

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    Flow warm-ups with HIIT training that torches calories, builds a strong body, and increases stamina! Each class in this 4-part series tunes into a different area of the body with new moves for a more athletic you!

  • Build A Stronger Body

    1 season

    Join Lynn for an upper body focused flow to build strength in your chest, arms and shoulders! Join as a single class or as part of her Build a Stronger Body series! Build a Stronger Body includes two hiit and two flow classes targeting the lower body as well as two hiit and two flow classes tar...

  • Fly With Jade

    1 season

    Workouts and flows are paired to help you tackle challenging asana. Build the core control, range of motion, hip and shoulder stability, and arm strength necessary to access advanced poses. Complete the workout and flow back to back for an extra long practice, or stagger them as you build towards...

  • Mindful Moments with Rachana

    1 season

  • Radiate Your Power

    1 season

  • Daily Dose : 31 Days of Advanced Flow, Fitness & Meditation with Julia Marie

    1 season

    Make movement and meditation part of your daily life with Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Meditation Guide, Julia Marie Lopez.

  • Ab Rehab
    1 season

    Ab Rehab

    1 season

  • Challenge Begins January 11: Body Ritual 2022

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    Push your 30 minute movement practice to the max! Get the most out of 1/2 hour of movement everyday. On days that you're feeling strong, double up with a core or meditation video. On days when you're struggling to fit it all in, remember, it's 30 minutes! You've got the time and 30 minutes is pl...

  • 21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge

    4 seasons

    Are you ready to push your fitness to the next level, develop a routine, and feel confident in your form & focus? This challenge is for you.

    Sweat with a smile as Jess helps you develop your overall strength and stamina. Starting with a week of basic workouts, each week you will add on to what...

  • PowerFix with Suzie

    4 seasons

    Power Yoga is an athletic style of vinyasa yoga that prioritizes strengthening the body in Sun Salutes, Warrior Postures, Standing Balances, and deeper work for the hips and spine. Suzie brings this style of yoga to almost every class she teaches allowing you to find some elements of familiarity ...

  • HIIT With Hannah

    1 season

  • Moving Meditation: Yoga & Running with Julia Marie

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  • 30 Day Body Ritual Challenge

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    If you are looking to build sustainable fitness, body confidence and a mindfulness practice that will serve you for the long haul, this program is for you. Each day you will move through a power flow, a body weight resistance workout or cardio class that will both challenge and change you. Plus, ...

  • 21 Day Challenge: Spring 2021

    21 items

    Ready to challenge your body, your breath, your mindset for a total Spring time reset? You'll learn how to up-level and LOVE your practice with Julia Marie, Suzie, Hannah, Jess, and Maria.

  • Fit In 15
    1 season

    Fit In 15

    1 season

  • 30 Days of Meditation with Julie S.

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    Learn how to build your own personal meditation practice in this 30 Days of Meditation with Julie Stewart! Follow along with Julie as she walks you through guided meditations, visualizations, and breathwork, deepening your awareness of your own lived experience.