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Adrienne: Meditation Made Simple - Alive & Strong Mini Meditation

New Classes! • 4m 19s

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  • Lynn: Advanced Heart Opening Flow

    Dancer & Wheel are on deck for this class using blocks and a strap. This class can be leveled down to assisted dancer and bridge poses, or leveled up with advanced variations. Listen to your body and have fun with Lynn!

    If you're in need of yoga blocks try the new Practice Everywhere cork bl...

  • Olivia: Wake Up With Olivia - Hamstri...

    This power-inspired flow is a perfect way to wake up! Begin with a dynamic warm-up, then explore poses that offer a stretch to your hamstrings and entire backline.

    This flow includes postures like half-splits (ardha hanumanasana), variation on pyramind pose (parsvottanasana), and lizard lunge ...

  • Julia: Transform Flow

    Get out of your head and into your body with a fun and funky Transform flow.

    Many of the transitions in this class require dynamic balance and boatloads of stability. This class features transitions that explore large range of motion and take up a lot of space on the mat. To prepare this flow he...