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Hannah: 30 in 30 Day 13 - Flow + Weights: Combination Moves

30 in 30 : Body Ritual Challenge • 30m

Up Next in 30 in 30 : Body Ritual Challenge

  • Julia: 30 in 30 Day 14 - Core Control...

    20 Minutes of core control that will challenge your deep stabilization system. Don't let the timestamp fool you, this ultra quick workout will rev you way up and it will be sure to be a class you save and return to time and time again.

    This class feature table top work, belly-up pilates inspire...

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 15 - Warrior Sizzle

    30 minutes of endurance flow that holds various warrior poses. Warriors are foundational to vinyasa yoga, and returning to these poses time and time again will build strength, encourage controlled flexibility in the hips, and empower a warrior mindset of focused calm.

    This class features Warrio...

  • Lynn: 30 in 30 Day 16 - Recovery Flow

    This class is all about moving out soreness from previous workouts and helps you sink into a calm, mental release. Key Poses in this class including supported Bridge (grab a block!), Standing Forward Fold, Reclining Figure 4 or Shoelace Pose, Scorpion Stretch, Happy Baby, and Legs up the Wall.