PowerFix with Suzie

PowerFix with Suzie

4 Seasons

Power Yoga is an athletic style of vinyasa yoga that prioritizes strengthening the body in Sun Salutes, Warrior Postures, Standing Balances, and deeper work for the hips and spine. Suzie brings this style of yoga to almost every class she teaches allowing you to find some elements of familiarity and then also some new opportunities each class. Finish each class feeling refreshed, empowered, and centered for your day.

PowerFix with Suzie
  • Suzie: Flow, Stretch & Release

    Episode 1

    You made it to the end of the first week! Rest and recovery are just as important (if not more!) than the challenging days. Join Suzie for a stretch and restore class that will leave you feeling ready to take on week 2!

  • Suzie Mills: PowerFix - Beginner Flow II

    Episode 2

    Continue your power yoga journey with this beginner friendly power vinyasa flow. New poses are introduced that focus on strengthening the body leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Suzie : PowerFix - Beginner Flow I

    Episode 3

    Kick off your power yoga practice with this beginner friendly power flow. You will learn the basics of how we move through a power style practice and finish feeling inspired and ready to take your practice to the next level.