21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge

21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge

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Are you ready to push your fitness to the next level, develop a routine, and feel confident in your form & focus? This challenge is for you.

Sweat with a smile as Jess helps you develop your overall strength and stamina. Starting with a week of basic workouts, each week you will add on to what you learned the week before, evolving from Basic to Build to Push!

Watch your body and mind transform over 3 weeks time as you add kickbutt routines to your movement repertoire under Jess’s expert guidance and infectious enthusiasm.

21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge
  • R&G Basic: Legs & Booty Burn with Jess

    Episode 1

    BASIC Week: Day 1

    Show your squats who’s boss in this simple but effective Rise & Grind workout.

    In this workout (which is guaranteed to become a go-to when you need a lower body tune-up) you’ll start with a dynamic warm up and then challenge your buns 🍑 in a circuit fashion that will turn on ...

  • R&G Basic: Push & Pull with Jess

    Episode 2

    BASIC WEEK: Day 2

    Establish balance between pushing and pulling movements with this weighted workout.
    Good form NEVER goes out of style, and no matter your current fitness level - beginner to advanced - this workout will help you hone in on two key factors of building a strong body: Good Form & ...

  • R&G Basic: EMOM Core Cardio w/ Jess

    Episode 3

    BASIC Week: Day 3

    Every minute on the minute Jess will have you switching it up with a new challenging move that stimulates deep core stabilization. This workout is designed to keep you moving the entire time for added cardio benefits.

    You are guaranteed to feel proud at the end of this one, a...

  • R&G Recovery Flow 1 With Jess

    Episode 4

  • R&G Basic: Back Body + Weights Circuit w/ Jess

    Episode 5

    Rise & Grind Challenge
    Basic Week: Day 5
    A strong backline makes everything from walking to lifting weights a safer and more comfortable experience. Stimulate your hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles in this weighted circuit workout.

    Exercises in this workout build upon each other for a stron...

  • R&G Basic: Sculpt with Jess - Upper Body

    Episode 6

    Welcome to the gun show 💪🏽. This workout gives you the tools you need to sculpt shoulders that make you feel hella strong. Jess will give you insight into form and has programmed a workout that targets all aspects of your shoulders for a well-rounded experience.

    Throughout this class you’ll ta...

  • Meditation & Rest with Jess - Gratitude Meditation

    Episode 7

    Gratitude - This meditation is a perfect practice to guide your mind to a place of thankfulness, relax your body, and direct your energy towards a frequency of abundance. Use this to begin your day with a positive attitude, to wind down and reflect before bed, or simply take a break in the middle...

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