21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge

21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge

4 Seasons

Are you ready to push your fitness to the next level, develop a routine, and feel confident in your form & focus? This challenge is for you.

Sweat with a smile as Jess helps you develop your overall strength and stamina. Starting with a week of basic workouts, each week you will add on to what you learned the week before, evolving from Basic to Build to Push!

Watch your body and mind transform over 3 weeks time as you add kickbutt routines to your movement repertoire under Jess’s expert guidance and infectious enthusiasm.

21 Day Rise & Grind Challenge
  • R&G Push: Legs & Booty Burn With Jess

    Episode 1

    Your metabolic burners are your legs, thighs, and hip muscles. When your work your quads, hammier, and glutes you rev your metabolism, support your posture, and find more comfort in every activity.

    This is an intermediate to advanced workout that builds upon the basic foundation of good squat, ...

  • R&G Push: Push & Pull With Jess

    Episode 2

    Pushing and pulling are essential for any everyday athlete. Kick it up a notch in this build-week workout!

    You will find things like shoulder presses, rows, curls and more. This is an intermediate workout. If you are still mastering these skills check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Push: Core Cardio With Jess

    Episode 3

    Your core is more than your abs, but your abs are going to get a good workout too in this core-cardio class.

    Build a sweat and enjoy the burn. If you are still mastering boat pose, bicycle crunches, twisting with ease, or the c-curve spine position check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Recovery Flow 3 With Jess

    Episode 4

    These beautiful recovery flows are essential for your progress in this program. Don't skip it. Tune in and love on your bod!

  • R&G Push: Back Body & Weights With Jess

    Episode 5

    This takes your push & pull to a new functional level added in balancing, changes in your base of support, and combination movements that require your full-body attention.

    If you are still mastering skills like rows, curls, and shoulder presses check out the basic version of this class.

  • R&G Push: Upper Body Sculpt With Jess

    Episode 6

  • Meditation & Rest With Jess: Rest

    Episode 7

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