5 Seasons

"After leaving the military I strongly desired a career that aligned with my own healing path, and supported my community in the process. Leading wellness companies inspired by Yoga is the manifestation of that dream." - Suzie

  • Suzie: On The Mat - Core Burn With Ball

    Episode 1

    Grab a mini ball to turn up the volume on this workout.

  • Suzie: On The Mat - Full Body Burn With Band

    Episode 2

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 29 - Twisted Sizzle

    Episode 3

    This flow shifts between breath-guided flow and long holds that progressively build to bigger twists. Explore twists from every angle and incorporate your full focus and attention to explore your edge while maintaining good form.

    Block or wall support can be helpful for balance.

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 26 - 30 Minute Restore & Meditation

    Episode 4

    If your body is stiff and sore, this is the reset you need. Set your mat up near a wall for extra support and have a blanket handy to prop and cushion your body. Suzie will work you through her favorite restorative poses for hip and spine relief, and nervous system soothing breathwork.

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 20 - Arm Balance Sizzle

    Episode 5

    Get ready to fly with a sizzle flow that builds endurance in the core and upper body, and practices the deep hip flexion required for crow and hurdlers poses.

    Don't let the arm balances scare you off. This flow is fabulous even if no toes leave the ground.

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 9 - Say Chair One More Time

    Episode 6

    30 Minutes of Chair Inspired Holds will ramp up your leg strength, and your mental stamina.

    This class will feature chair (of course) as well as holds in goddess, single -leg mountain pose, squat variations, lateral lunges, and combinations to increase your balance and control.

  • Suzie: 30 in 30 Day 4 - Head-to-Toe-Sizzle

    Episode 7

    In this sizzle flow you will build heat holding poses for an extra few breaths. The isometric work in this flow supports joint stability and deep core strength.

    Suzie will move you through yoga-inspired pose favorite including Cobras, Warriors, and Goddess, along with lateral lunges and step-ba...

  • Suzie: Radiate your Power - Twists

    Episode 8

    Twists offer an opportunity to challenge the physical body from toe-tip to finger tip, and requires a combination of strength, mobility, and coordination.

    Let your mind focus on the full-body cooperation to uncover not only an opportunity to stay present, but the challenge to observe and honor ...

  • Suzie: Radiate your Power - Root Down

    Episode 9

    A quick flow focused on warriors, standing poses, and feeling strong in the lower body.

    This is a simple but intense experience great for people with some power yoga experience.

  • Radiate Your Power - Strong and Lean with Suzie

    Episode 10

    Stay strong and lean with your heart with a 30 minute practice that helps you tune in, build sweat, and find some open-hearted fun on the mat.

  • Suzie: Radiate Your Power - Wake Me Up

    Episode 11

  • Radiate your Power Balance with Suzie

    Episode 12

  • Radiate your Power - Warrior Flow with Suzie

    Episode 13

  • Suzie: Radiate Your Power - Power Center!

    Episode 14

    This power center flow tunes in to your hub for strong and stable movement, and a confident, energized attitude.
    You'll move big muscles and stabilize your lumbar. You'll flow breath to movement and remind yourself once again that breathing muscles are in fact core muscles!
    Whenever it gets toug...

  • Suzie: Power Hour Flow

    Episode 15

    End week two strong with a Power Flow with Suzie!

  • Suzie: Root & Rise Flow

    Episode 16

    Kick off day 8 with a Power Flow focused on grounding and stability and finding your inner warrior.

  • Suzie: Balance Drills Flow

    Episode 17

    Move between balance poses to challenge balance with a drills and flow sequence led by Suzie.

  • Suzie :: PowerFix - Balance Challenge

    Episode 18

    Take your practice to the next level with this PowerFix challenging your balance. In this class you learn ways to help you feel strong and confident in half moon.

  • Suzie: Hop Up & Fly Flow

    Episode 19

    Focus on building core strength while playing with crow pose in this flow class with Suzie!

  • Suzie Mills: PowerFix - Beginner Flow II

    Episode 20

    Continue your power yoga journey with this beginner friendly power vinyasa flow. New poses are introduced that focus on strengthening the body leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Suzie Mills :: PowerFix - Cardio Power Flow

    Episode 21

    Amp up your practice with this cardio style power flow. Leave feeling refreshed, empowered, and centered for your day.

  • Strong Mama: Powerful Pregnancy Flow

    Episode 22

    In this video Suzie will guide you through a pregnancy friendly power yoga style class using pregnancy modifications.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 18: Suzie

    Episode 23

    It's time to take it to the next level! In this upbeat flow, you will challenge your balance as you move between warriors and balance poses.

  • 21 Day Challenge - Day 11: Suzie

    Episode 24

    Continue to uplevel your foundational flow as Suzie takes you through a challenging standing flows that will leave you inspired and energized!